News EPCOT Parking Plaza refurbishment?


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Some more photos of the new signage.

EPCOT's Auto Plaza refresh continues with new 'Welcome' lettering​



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Some contrast is needed - either paint the background a darker color, or make the letters a darker color.
I disagree. I don’t think many will have a hard time reading this. I find it more legible than the blue, due to the outlines/shadows.
I‘m interested to see how it looks at night.


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If it hadn't been pointed out that the sign said "WELCOME", I never would've noticed it! It totally blends in!! This is terrible! If they wanted to go with that design, they needed to make the "blue" (what little there is of it) background around the letters, larger so it stands out, or hey, just keep the blue-theme of the the original "welcome" sign and change up the font to whatever it is they're destroying, er, "updating", EPCOT with these days! 😡 Awful, just awful, IMO.

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