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Disney will start its own streaming service

My house hold are big fans of the uk version of this Disney life they made it even better when they added disney channels to the app this year so between this and a netflix sub got plenty to watch and all our nieces and nephews love coming round to watch aswell


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Movies Anywhere is unrelated to the streaming service which won't launch until 2019. This is Disney Movies Anywhere but for all studios
And it's FANTASTIC. Nobody is talking about the biggest victory in this whole thing, which is Star Wars. LucasFilm doesn't own the digital distribution rights for Episode IV: A New Hope, 20th Century Fox does. That means the Star Wars digital collection has been relatively useless, as Episodes I, II, III, V, VI, and VII (plus Rogue One) were available on Disney Movies Anywhere but you couldn't get IV through the same service. Now it's all in one place.