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Disney will start its own streaming service


Keep Moving Forward
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Every company is starting their own streaming service but in the long run many will fail. Disney does have a massive library. If they use it well it could pay off.

Andrew C

I'll admit though, is my shirt in there?
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Everyone hates the big cable bill, but we are heading to a time of lots of small bills that are going to add up to more than that single big cable bill. Every network is soon going to be charging that $10, and there are lots of them.
I am hoping to stick with my live TV streaming service (which improves every month) and Netflix as a supplement.


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We'll see if Disney remains resolute in being a stand-alone service, or if they will allow themselves to be bundled, a la Sling TV.


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I really do hate this move I understand Disney of course wants a bigger slice of pie but the idea of paying smaller amount for more than what cable TV provides is quickly dying.


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It should be noted that (unless something changed) Starz still owns the broadcast/streaming rights to Disney movies produced up to 2015 (which is why the Netflix deal only includes new movies), so unless Disney can pull a rabbit out of their hat there's going to be a pretty huge gap in availability.
As a shareholder, I love this move!
As a consumer, I hate this move!

TV/ movies need to be more like music......let the delivery businesses, deliver content and let the content businesses, create content.
Stop merging the two where now we have to subscribe to 5 different services just to get a repertoire of content.

erasure fan1

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The only way I would even consider this service is if EVERYTHING in the Disney catalog was available. Of course we know that won't happen. I'm a bit surprised that they didn't do this sooner. When the Netflix announcement happened, I wondered why they didn't just do it themselves. It is a very Disney move.


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Another thing they're asking their fan base to pay for, another bill. I'm not convinced this will expand the empire but limit it. Their business model is now based on WDW, keeping people totally insulated inside a Disney property. That's nice for a vacation but this is a little much. They used to hang their hat on ESPN, but fewer people are watching it. I don't see how this works out. I could be wrong, but who knows. I'm not going to fork out more money for this. If it were part of NETFLIX, sure I'd pay a little extra, but I can get what I want on Bluray.