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Disney Quest to close in July 2017




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what about the other stuff such as the coaster simulator, ducks pinball, etc?
The Cyber Space Mountain sims will probably go to a country's air force. They are modified F-18? flight simulators that they repurposed for Cyber Space Mountain.
The Mighty Ducks Pinball Slam controllers are useless without the airbag system they rest on, without that I don't know if one of those would even stand up straight on its own, totally wouldn't be able to stand at it without modifying it and securing it to the ground.
The two VR attractions will probably get canned. The VR tech is laughable compared to today's gear that anyone can buy.
Same with Virtual PotC and the Jungle Cruise.
That just leaves the old ExtraTerrerestrialTerror tie-in ride that is on the top floor, it's a video game, so that will get canned.
They might save the Buzz Lightyear bumper cars.
/I think that's it.
//Having flashbacks, worked there for 6 months in 2002


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Interesting as I believe there have been no concept art or anything regarding what (NBA I guess) is replacing DisneyQuest, right?

Anyway, a sad end to a park that never really received the investment it deserved after initial opening and Disney gave up on trying to make it more than another way to sell higher priced passes (and indoor experience when the weather didn't allow people to go to the water parks)

I'd still like to see them move the virtual attractions to Innoventions since that area is practically empty now.


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They should move the PotC: Battle for Buccaneer Gold attraction somewhere, anywhere (Innoventions? Typhoon Lagoon? Adventureland?). This is the one stellar attraction DQ had left. We were happy to have won it one last time two weeks ago.

Rather than auctioning off the video games, they should redistribute them to arcades throughout the resorts.

We will miss DQ.


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This is going to be a fairly rapid clear out, with an auction of the arcade machines to be completed by July 12.
Do you know where the auction will be held?
Orlando Theme Parks News is reporting the auction will run from July 4th until July 6th.

Oh man, what I wouldn't give to get my hands on one of these babies for playing with the neighbors cats:



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Go even further back what originally was planned for Communicore...
Ah, the TRON arcade. Yeah the thing that did that in was during softs/previews guests kept accidentally activating the laser. They'd get sucked into the grid, and usually end up de-rezzed in the games. Now obviously they weren't a problem at that point, but, a lot of people visit the parks as families, and usually at least one person in a family knows a lawyer and...well, you can see how this became a pretty easy decision for legal.


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Does anyone know if they are doing the 50% off tickets anytime before they close? Really want to visit DQ one last time, but definitely not for full price.


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This may be the wrong place to ask, but does anyone know where to find a video of Genie from the DQ elevator? I've seen a bad quality version on youtube, but would love to see a higher quality version...


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A permit was filed today by DPR Construction for Disney Quest. The permit does not provide a description of the work, but DPR is a big contractor, they are currently working on the Wildreness Lodge DVC project, so I am assuming this is for at least part of the NBA project. The permit doesn't have an expiration so it defaults to one year.
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