News Disney Not Renewing Great Movie Ride Sponsorship Deal with TCM ; Attraction to Close


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I think they're missing a great opportunity to combine GMR and Stitch's Great Escape. Imagine, if you will, 626 popping up in multiple movie sequences throughout the ride...and it's more appropriate, since Stitch really doesn't fit into the whole MK millieu.


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So... if the Mickey Ride ends up being built, will they also remove the Chinese Theatre façade?
Maybe replace it with the Sorcerer's Hat? ;)

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I'd hope so. It'll be a fun ride. But it shouldn't be at the expense of the GMR.

It'll also be hard not to draw many comparisons to the SWL Battle attraction just a few hundred yards away.
That's a pretty exciting comment in terms of overall quality considering how exciting the SWL Battle ride sounds.


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The Chinese Theatre is staying allegedly, and thankfully
If the park is getting a new name and a new focus from making movies to being in the movies; and if the front entrance is being reconfigured due the gondolas, then this would be the perfect time to re-do the main entrance facades. And what better facade for the entrance would be a giant theater facade and marquee?!

Now, I don't know what kind of agreement Disney has with TCL (previously, Grauman's) to use their facade, but it would be best for the entrance to the park, and not for a particular ride.

With the Chinese Theater facade gone from the hub, it would open up the entrance to TSL as visible from the hub. Then other facades can be put up in front of the buildings on Mickey Avenue that provide a better and higher surface to night time projection shows and it would be centered under the fireworks.
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