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Trip Report Did All My Wishes make for a Happily Ever After? *Completed*

It has taken me so long to get this TR started because our desktop computer died right after returning from this trip and it took us awhile to replace it.
I had all kinds of clever Trip Report titles in mind whilst on the actual trip, but I have since forgotten them. In my last TR, I believe I was lamenting the fact that I was unable to procure a California Grill ADR for this trip. I was also not thrilled that we were staying at OKW because of transportation issues. First world problems, amiright?! I really should keep in my that whatever PineapplePrincess wants, PineapplePrincess (almost always) gets.
A few weeks before this trip, our waitlist for BWV came through AND I was able to snag a Cali Grill ADR on our arrival night!
Here are the particulars of this trip:
Who: E, a.k.a MSUJafar & I
When: 9/28-10/3
Where: Boardwalk Villas 😍
Why: E was very adamant about wanting to be at MK on the actual anniversary and who am I to argue?



We arrived around 1:30 and to my delight, the room was ready and it was a good one! I had requested "close to elevator" and we were the second room in from the elevator on the lobby level.

Our balcony had a cute porthole feeling to it. We loved it!



From the outside looking up at our room:

We never did visit the pool on this short trip, but it would have been very convenient.
After a quick trip via Uber to Publix for snacks and drinks, it was time to get ready for some pre-dinner drinks and a farewell to HEA.


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Tuesday, 9/28 continued...
Our Cali Grill ADR was for 7:30, so we had some time to visit a couple of lounges before our dinner. Mizner's had always been one of our favorites and even though we are not happy that it closed, we felt it was time to give Enchanted Rose a chance.
We Ubered to save some time. I had a mini panic attack at the gate because we didn't have a reservation and I wasn't sure if we'd be let in, but they didn't even ask.
Minnie kindly greeted us upon our arrival.

We had a seat at the bar and met a really nice couple, Harry and Phil from Tennessee. I had the Island Rose which was beautiful and delicious. I believe that E had the Garden Daisy.

We stayed for one drink and then decided to head over to shop at Bay View Gifts and have another drink at Outer Rim before checking in at Cali Grill.

Waiting for the Monorail.

I see you, Contemporary!

There was one thing that I really wanted from this trip and they had it at BVG!


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Still Tuesday, 9/28
After purchasing my Lounge Fly, we had a drink at Outer Rim. (No photographic evidence)
Our table at Cali Grill was not the greatest, but we were happy to be there.

Pepperoni Flatbread. We always enjoy this!

I had the California Combination Roll. E had the filet. I didn't photograph it, but he said it was the worst steak he's ever had at WDW! Now I wish I had taken a picture. It was super small and overcooked. He's still kicking himself for not complaining!

It was the second to last night for Happily Ever After and we were ecstatic to be able to view it one last time. Before HEA:

And after:

Don't be sad that it's over. Be glad that it happened. Is that how the saying goes? Well, we were very sad that it's over and we do not care for it's replacement!
I snapped a few photos on our way out to catch an Uber.

Steakhouse 71 was not open yet. Not sure why they needed that many Cast Members just to let people know what the sign is already telling you!


We enjoyed the first night in our amazing room. We were heading to MK in the morning!


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Wednesday, 9/29 MK
We had decided to make today a Magic Kingdom day so we could get all the rides in, thinking that it may not be possible on the anniversary.
Transportation was not an issue this morning and we arrived before official park opening very happy to be there!

Like the gentleman that he is, E went to get me a coffee so that I could leisurely wander around and take some photos.
The sky was so pretty!

Roy and Minnie's new location.

Peter Pan's Flight was our first ride of the day and then we headed to Pooh. So we almost arty poohed @Tuvalu !


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9/29 MK
I took a lot of photos on this trip because I was so happy to have my camera in working order and with plenty of memory. I'm not going to post pics of JC this time around because we didn't have a very good seat on the boat. Here are some of the queue and exit.

Even though we didn't have good seats, we had an excellent skipper whose name was Patrick.
Picking up our mobile order from Friar's Nook was next on our agenda. We shared the breakfast croissant and some tots.
Disney ducks along the way.


This is a decent breakfast sandwich. It served it's purpose which was to tide us over until our usual chicken nachos at Pecos Bill's.
Why not go for a spin after eating?! We really don't spin the teacup, we just enjoy the gentle orbit.


E purposely wore his Gilligan shirt today hoping that someone at JC would say something about a 3 hour cruise, but he was disappointed. Later, a CM at Buzz sang the theme song to us though so that was fun!
Some statues on the way to our next destination.

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