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DHS Makeover - What we know so far.....

Totally agree Muppets can be moved to another location with a new attraction, if its in the way move it/ improve it there is alot of open space as they are building a new show theatre between ToT & Rocking Rollercoater
Could Disney have been hinting at the theme of phase 3 in their statement about the Osborne Lights going away? Maybe it will be themed to the Incredibles.
"In order to prepare for some incredible experiences coming to the park, including the recently announced Toy Story Land and a Star Wars-themed land, we will not be able to present The Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights in the future."
Now Incredibles would be super awesome, I was thinking Monsters Inc land but this sounds just as good as much as I would love Cars Land coming to WDW I think it should stay unique to Disneyland & add another unique land (finding nemo ) so I can plan my families first west coast trip :)
This is the updated timeline that I heard. Take it with a teaspoon of salt since it's from a friend who spoke with an "insider" (at least I'm being open).

Toy Story Land Fall 2017 (AVATAR Spring 2017 for the three people who care).
Star Wars 2019 (no mention of a season, but it is being coordinated with Disneyland; personally, I'd guess May)
Cars Land 2020

Large scale construction underway south, east, and west in the park by this time next year.

And there is still a project heading down the pipes for MK's 50th.

He also mentioned that Osborne's imminent cancellation was a recent decision (meaning the schedule has been expedited). Again, salt. However, DL traditionally avoids large-scale construction during their decennial celebrations and is now planning to break that rule, suggesting an acceleration in pace.
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$4 billion for EPCOT
I haven't noticed from any sketches but at least tell me during all of this construction that Sounds Dangerous and the American Idol theatre are going away or are they a part of one of the new lands?


$4 billion for EPCOT
Well Carsland is the best-themed area Disney has built in America this century/ millennium. It's a shoe-in. Something novel would be nice, though.
I went to Cars Land for the first time in June (well also first trip to Disneyland as well). I loved the theming. It was great no doubt. I just can see many opportunities with a Monstropolis. You could even have a similar ride vehicle to Radiator Springs Racer but tweak it to Monsters Incorporate. I get why they'll replicate it over here but I think a new land would be novel as well.
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