D23: The Ultimate Disney Fan Event—Coming to Anaheim Next August


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Is the Anaheim Convention center got room for a Manure Truck that big. I mean thats all thats going to be Shoveled at D23.


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I'll stand by my previous statement - They need to be moving dirt, not making announcements. But making announcements is better for PR, and allows cans to be kicked down the road further if/when necessary. Moving dirt means money has to show up on the books. But apparently October 1, 2024 is the date that Disney will suddenly be flush with cash and can start throwing billions into WDW.
I hope you are right. I have NO FATH Disney will do anything significant in WDW.

In Iger's mind, for MK, they did Tiana, added TRON. They did the "highly successful" EPCOT renovation, added Moana, added Guardians, added the rat to France, added Luminous, adding the Polyday Inn Polynesian DVC.

Iger thinks he did a lot.


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There is allegedly something major that has been greenlit and funded. Not the MK or AK projects either.
Something smaller in scale? Like a parade/nighttime drones? Can't imagine they've had enough time to approve a substantial attraction unless its a carbon copy. The pipeline of projects was empty when Iger returned


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Lots of wishful thinking, but the simplest explanation for why something could jump the queue and get budgeted so quickly, is that it currently exists. I hope I’m wrong, but it’s WDW’s signature move!

This is everyone’s fault for begging for trackless attractions for so many years!


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In 2022, prices were released 1 week before the sale date (prices announced January 13, with sales beginning on January 20).
Yes, that’s why I’m asking where is the details on that? Should be today

They also have said nothing about the Disneyland event the night before

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