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News D23 Expo 2019

Figments Friend

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Waited in a 2 hour line for Mickey’s of Glendale to get this bad boy.
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No regrets.
This shirt looks exactly like the tees given to Cast Members during Epcot's 25th Anniversary in 2007, but without the accompanying ' the next century begins....' text.
I only know that, as I was given one of the Cast shirts by the Park President at the time post-gathering.

Great image....still timeless.



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In line for parks now. Much further up in line tonight compared to last night. Also brought my headphones tonight so I can listen to my sweet sweet music :happy:
Stupid question: So parks panel is tonight? I know it’s 7pm where you are. It’s 10pm Eastern for me.


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Might want to get here earlier than that...
The last 4 years I’ve arrived around the same time I think. I honestly can’t believe it. It’s not even like they’re announcing as much as they did last year. I guess we can attempt to wake up earlier.
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