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Trip Report *COMPLETED* OH NO! I've lost my magicband, Im hot and my back is actin up! A September 2015 TR


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Hello all!

Well I'm home from WDW and working, SIGH, having major withdrawals... As i stood in my kitchen making my coffee for work this morning, i imagined to be in the POP food court filling my mug for a day in the park. Ahh i can dream :inlove:

We started our countdown just under 180 days and i cant believe how quickly it came and now went :( It was an amazing trip and we will definitely be back!

I am still getting all my photos together and jotting down notes but while my memory is fresh, i thought id start my TR :)

If you would like to read my Pre-Trip plus a little history on my past Disney trips you can read here-

Ciara(ME!)-A disneyworld freak, 7th trip to the world, 1st time at UNI
Billy- My amazing boyfriend, His 1st time to FLORIDA ever

September 20th-26th

Where: Stayed in RM 9324 at POP century
Visited every Disney park, both Disney water parks, Universal studios, Islands of adventure and a couple of Disney resorts!

We took lots of pictures, ate lots of food and had a whole lot of fun! Stay tuned :)
oh I can't wait to read more!
Can't wait to read! Love your enthusiasm and pre-trip report. You remind me a lot of my boyfriend and I who are taking our trip next November!


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Travel day- September 19th 2015
I got these babies done the day before we left and i just love them so much, soo first Disney nails!
The day started with work for me, it was a short day and actually went by pretty quick! Billy had the day off and was at home, enjoying a beer, finishing getting everything packed for the trip. He even cleaned up the apartment, such a sweetheart :inlove:;)
As soon as I got off work, I changed, and we got in the car and headed to my parents. I instantly felt very rushed, almost anxious…We are on vacation! No reason to be stressing so I sat down, had a glass of my favorite Pineapple cider and chatted with my mom while the boys loaded up the car. The drive to the airport was smooth sailing, not that my parents live very far!

Driving to the airport! Thanks Daddio

We got there about 1.5 hours before our flight and went straight to the desk to drop our bags. I have legit nightmares about having a bag over 50 pounds, so you can imagine my relief when our bags weighed in at only 26 and 28 lbs. Security was extremely easy and probably only took 5 min. We were in!

PDX carpet selfie time!


Lol random and this photo is with the new carpet but did y'all know the old carpet at pdx is famous? Has its own Instagram account and there is pdx carpet merchandise sold all over Portland and Oregon in general!

I always worry too much, but now we had time to spare. Too the bar weee goooo! We stopped at Henry's tavern on the way to our gate and had two drinks! 2 Mojitos for me and a beer and Mojito for bill.

MMMMM these were good!


Comin for you mickey!

While having our drinks, Billy ran into someone he used to work with that is from the Orlando area. He recommend a music festival for us to check out but I don't know how we would ever have time! He was super friendly though and is was nice to chit chat with someone who basically grew up at Disney and Universal. We didn’t have any food there but we were hungry soon after, Should have got some fries! Now, I was worried (again, man i got to stop) about flying frontier because it's a nickel and dime you type of airline. We paid for the tickets, we paid for our seats, we paid for our bags, and we even paid for drinks and snacks on the plane. Plus i read reviews online that were closer to horror films, a ton about late planes and missing flights :arghh: Luckily first flight was on time maybe even early.
Just in time to catch the sunset
We had to payed for everything for the flight besides for some sodas and snacks but for 2 sodas and 2 snacks the total came to $8.99, not too bad! One downfall to this ride was there were some very annoying kids right in front of us on the first flight that keep saying woahhhh very loudly and spilled chocolate milk all over my backpack :mad: Billy watched snowboarding videos and I wrote some notes and then we both caught some ZZ’s. When we arrived in Denver it was pretty late, the only thing open was McDonalds and the line was ridiculous but we were hungry so McDonald's and the giant line it is!

This line literally took so long
On the second leg we both slept the whole way to Florida. Verdict: Frontier was fine! The seats aren't the most comfortable and yes you pay for everything but no where near a nightmare. And then a miracle happened, I actually found DME first try! Annnndd we were the only people on our bus. When we got to the hotel, our room was ready even though it was before 7am! When booking this reservation it seemed the resort was full, so I was very surprised when she told me they were dead and has lots of rooms. We scanned our magicband at the door and got the green light!
OUR home for the week


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There is going to be a lot of photos and writing, hope you guys don't mind!

Travel day...Continued- September 19th...Technically the 20th 2015

The room
We dropped our bags inside and went out to explore a little. We walked around the resort and took some pictures, stopped by the food court, got our mugs and filled them up with soda and tea.

IMG_1653.JPG IMG_1655.JPG
I really wanted to see AoA and since we were excited to be there, we went over and took pictures with the cars! I love cars and that area is themed so well! Especially the cozy cone.

IMG_1659.JPG IMG_1670.JPG IMG_1661.JPG IMG_1665.JPG
We got to see the sunrise!
We were talking about our plans for the day when we realized that Billy hadn’t packed his swimsuit in his carry-on, like he was supposed to o_O so we went down to bag services to try and pick up our bags. They hadn’t even been scanned at the airport yet! I have never needed my bag so I never knew when they had them but we expected 2-3 hours. We were feeling sooooo drained so we decided to sleep until our bags arrived, that ended up being about noon and we could not believe it took that long and that we had slept that long! Billy just about jumped out of bed.
“We’re in Disneyworld, let’s go, let’s go!” He was excited like a little kid and I loved every moment of it :joyfull:


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Sounds like a great start to your trip...... What great luck to have your room ready so early in the morning. Hopefully it was a sign of many good things to come.


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Can't wait to read! Love your enthusiasm and pre-trip report. You remind me a lot of my boyfriend and I who are taking our trip next November!
We were talking about how we think November may be the time to go! You'll have to write a report about how it is:)