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Rumor Cinderella Castle turning rose gold for the 50th

Are you in favor of a castle retheme for the 50th

  • yes

    Votes: 157 44.7%
  • no

    Votes: 194 55.3%

  • Total voters


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I am not sure you would be surprised, but looking at the current projections, over a number of different colors on the
building, it is not a problem.
Projection mapping accounts for all the hues, their intensity, their albedo, their texture, their shape, and their orientation.

If there is a checkerboard yellow and green, then everywhere the projection lands on the yellow, that portion of the projection is color corrected (they remove yellow). Similarly, wherever the projection lands on the green, then that portion of the projection is color corrected.

Such corrections can only go so far. You're not going to get an image that is supposed to be white to look white bouncing it off a blue surface. But if the surrounding image is blue-corrected, they mind can be tricked it's seeing white.


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I do not like this idea. What about just a BIG GOLD 50 at the top or something?


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I am having flashbacks to the castle for the 25th.

[Unpopular opinion]
Hey! I like the cake castle!! I was young when I see it and I knew it was special and told all my friends about it!! They transform the hole castle into a cake! No way!

The problem was they stick to that layout for way to much time.
That was not a good idea.


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I want it to have a non projection overlay, and I dig the iridescent idea. Have something iridescent, like the logo.
If the current gold spires are gold leafed (which they appear to be) they won't touch them.
On the Wikipedia page it says all gold on the exterior is anodized aluminum.


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Interesting to see what's possible. But I think I'm just going to be underwhelmed with whatever they do. They did SUCH a great job with Sleeping Beauty's castle for her 50th. But I'm guessing they can't add the gold baubles and such in WDW because of the projection show.
Might be an unpopular opinion, but I wasn’t crazy about sbc’s 50th overlay. Imo She looks better currently than she did for her 50th.


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I personally wouldn’t mind a temporary redecoration of the castle for the 50th. Just as long as it holds no resemblance to the abomination that was the 25th pepto bismal birthday hallucination. If they can decorate it for Disneyland’s 50th and make it look nice then I feel they can do the same for their own 50th celebration.
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^To be honest, this would be a lot of work for something that really won’t appear on cameras.
It looks grainy cause it's a gif, but I think it's still a noticeable difference compared to the regular castle. Also it's just an edit, so if they do end up making some parts of the castle iridescent, it'll look better.
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