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Rumor Cinderella Castle turning rose gold for the 50th

Are you in favor of a castle retheme for the 50th

  • yes

    Votes: 168 43.5%
  • no

    Votes: 218 56.5%

  • Total voters


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How do you honor something that has stood as an icon for 50 years? Change what made it successful! I'm not surprised, but I am disappointed. I really hope this isn't true. The Castle is wonderful and lifelike, changing it to a hip rose gold color is unnecessary. These temporary changes have a way of sticking around longterm. Does someone want to leave their mark on a classic?

How they manage to find the one thing that absolutely does not need to change, and then decide to change it is really something. Why not focus your energies on the rest of the decaying park? Or how about installing LED bulbs so we don't have to see a stupid crane 5 months out of the year? But no, the problem with the Magic Kingdom is the castle is not rose gold...

This company is a pathetic steward of Walt Disney World. It's a special place, they treat like garbage.


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So they're going to paint it shiny pink, right?

Wouldn't be my first choice. Regular gold features sound like a better idea. Disneyland Paris' 15th anniversary castle with little gold characters holding candles was a nice balance between doing something and not overpowering the castle.


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I don’t mind something special for the milestone. It’ll always go back afterwards.

However, rose gold seems like a stretch.

I hope they keep the classic colors, but give the castle an iridescent glow just like their 50th color package.


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I just want to elaborate my evidence for this story dictates it as "Rose Gold" but since consumer products already made tons of merch for that color and name I think they'll have to put some sort of branding and aesthetic twist (like the iridescent) to the paint job so it works in 2021 (rather than feeling like something very 2016). The D23 Expo logo and the very slight multicolor gold/rose gold/blue hue they put over Cinderella Castle up on screen I think hints at this.

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Any idea what's up with the first generation magicbands?


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In the Parks
I'm not prepared to hate it yet. Their projections and colors game is unparalleled. The new ones at MNSSHP are an improvement over the already awesome.

If they had designing programs that are available today, that 25th pepto cake would've never lived to see actual construction. The tools are so much better today to realistically preview how this will work against different lighting, backdrops and shows throughout the day.


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According to Mickey Views plans are in the works for Cinderella Castle to turn rose gold for the 50th Anniversary. What does everybody think of this?

For 2021 they are going to use the trendy color from 2015? That makes no sense.

Maybe if you are a group of 50 year old execs living in Orlando who still think its 2015 it makes sense?

But it still doesn't make sense, since execs in Orlando would need to get buyoff from marketing folks in Southern California who would say "Rose Gold? Uh... it's not 2015".

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