Cancelled Shamu Stadium Overhaul?

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I removed some of the nastier posts. And some of those trying to argue about whether zoos are evil incarnate or saviors of wildlife.


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In my opinion the more unfortunate decision was replacing Blue Horizons with Dolphin Days back in 2017. The Blue Horizons music was stellar.

I actually prefer Dolphin Days over Blue Horizons

Out of curiosity, do the animals at animal kingdom entertain people? I'm confused.

There is a show involving birds


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All of the animals are there solely for the guests' entertainment. They don't have to be jumping through hoops to be putting on a "show".

There is no animal show at any of the Florida animal theme parks where animals are not displaying behaviors that would not be done in the wild. You are misinformed.

Fun fact, a lot of animals at EPCOT you see in the living seas are under the same cause as Sea World. The Manatees and Sea Turtles have lived at both locations. Theme Park competitors, same goal.

Also, if it were not for Sea World and Lowry Park Zoo, there would likely not be West Indian(commonly known as the Florida Manatees) today.


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They've also kept at least one dolphin (usually more) captive for decades who participate in swim-with programs but nobody ever mentions it bc WDW is so beloved. Double standards.

Yeah, I called Virgin Travel company out on that poublically. They would never stop selling WDW vacation packages.
I love how people think you can 1. Make all of the animals featured do things. You can't. Even human psychology does not work that way. Negative reinforcement has been proven not to work to get people to do what you want them to. An animal does not have a human like Ego. 2.The shows have mentioned for decades even before the extremeists all of a sudden wanted to sound like marine biolgists that they simply ask the animals to do those behaviors you see. We think they are cool because we cannot do them. But those behaviors would be happening for their veterinary care either way.
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