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Rumor Brazil is the frontrunner for a new World Showcase Pavilion

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That's my question as well. Some of these like Brazil and U.K. Seem like waiting 2 years for the next D23 would be ridiculous since they're almost ready to announce.
I agree. 2 years is not enough time for Disney construction lol.


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It's still currently scheduled to open before the 50th.
Thanks and sorry for the typo. You probably figure it out what I meant to say is that they, Walt Disney World, have announced World Showcase Pavilions that I've never happened. I certainly have never announced them, though I do wish I had that power. Although it occurs to me that I do......

I'm going to announce that they are building Egypt! And just like when they announcement a pavilion, that too is not going to happen. lol


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Any chance of it having an attraction when it opens? Or has that not been decided yet?
You could actually move the Three Calleberos to Brazil (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Three_Caballeros), especially if Coco takes over Mexico. The original concept was for all of S. America, not just Mexico. There was a segment, Baia, which takes place in one of the 26 states of Brazil.

Singer Aurora Miranda in The Three Caballeros.
This segment involves a pop-up book trip through the Brazilian state of Bahía, as Donald and José meet up with some of the locals who dance a samba and Donald pining for one of the women, portrayed by singer Aurora Miranda.​


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Any reason why it wasn't announced this weekend?

Actually, I get a sense that there are many other things that were not announced.
They really wanted to give time for folk to realize that over arching themes in Disney theme parks are now dead. Later on they'll go into more detail about how they'll deliver the final killing blows.
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Any reason why it wasn't announced this weekend?

Actually, I get a sense that there are many other things that were not announced.
I take it there's a reasonable amount of time before it actually starts construction (i.e. >1 year). They seem to have finally shifted to holding back on most topics until they are nearly ready to break ground. No more Pandora-type situations.

It will probably be more than fleetingly obvious that it is coming, but I imagine this is something that is more appropriate to hold onto for D23 2019.

As to the many other things - I think they struck the right balance with WDW to not reveal everything so that individually things became less impactful. When they actually have so much going on I give them a pass that they can hold some other things back.


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That site got it from here, when I posted it a few years back.

No, it isn't brand new. Might not even be what they are building, but it was what was presented as part of the original pitch to Brazil.
Yes, I got it from Lee at this site. At the time of the posting, there was some concern about it being discovered and then removed, so I didn't initially credit WDWMagic. But in subsequent posts, I did so. LOVE this site and appreciate our insiders. :)


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Chance? Yes. Probable? No.
Thanks for the response, and all the info. I'm new to the boards and so I listened cautiously to what you and others had to say regarding rumors and I was blown away by how accurate your were. Thanks for all the info you share!

It's a shame they aren't adding an attraction. That really lessens the value of it for me....oh well.

Thanks again!
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