News Bob Iger is back! Chapek is out!!


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Bob Chapek always seemed like he absolutely hated the products his company produced. Not holding my breath that Iger is going to somehow make WDW affordable again though.
It will never be affordable again but at least give us the product we deserve versus paying for nothing (genie +) And it's only for two years so hopefully they will finally bring someone in who truly has a vision and loves the parks.

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I get why the Board chose Iger in a pinch but I do not understand why they're giving him another chance to identify a successor. He extended his stay for years for different reasons and most of was explained as overseeing acquisitions, but I don't know how one looks past that it took years and years to identify a successor and that Chapek was his selection.

Chapek was open about tightening the pursestrings and obviously that wasn't the direction the Board wanted to go, so I guess our best guess for the future is someone the opposite of Chapek? Early Eisner years?


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I mean… Iger hand picking Chapek got us into this mess in the first place. Maybe this time he can find a guy with at least one creative bone in his body
It wasn’t so much that he was handpicked so much as he was #2, Iger was terrified of the pandemic tarnishing his legacy, so he got the heck out of dodge. Now he can return as a white knight.

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