News Bob Iger is back! Chapek is out!!

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Woo hooo finally!!!


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Wow! Imo, Chapek got to much hate for the poor financial decisions Iger made that became worse once the pandemic hit. However, dude was just a nasty jerk. You need some type of decent people skills and personality to run a company like Disney and he had 0. I don’t feel bad for him. I’m sure he’s got and will get millions. I’m interested in what Iger can do since all of this is his fault anyway.


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Iger has a chance at redemption here… if he learns from where he made mistakes he can literally right this ship bc you have to feel he will have a ton of leeway to do what he wants considering they brought him back from the dead… as we have discussed some of these issues parks face can easily be fixed & if Disney really wants to build quicker im confident they could.


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Good riddance paycheck. Hopefully more fans will appreciate what Iger did for the company and the parks. He’s been the best ceo since Walt imo

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