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Bob Chapek Confirms Disney Will Overhaul Epcot


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Jim Hill (I know, I know “he can’t be trusted” or whatever) briefly mentioned in his new podcast that Inside Out has been gaining momentum for a presence in the Imagination pavilion? I hope not. Anyone have any info? I know many insiders say Imagination is many years away from any real movement, but I hope Hill is wrong.
With the way it works, it probably is at 99% chance today and then drops to a 10% chance tomorrow followed up by a 25% chance next week. Even if it did gain momentum, I wouldn't worry until we started getting a bit closer.


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Random but still having to do with Epcot and it's ever drawn out overhaul, BainCat (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1483329365&searchtext=) released his Epcot map for Planet Coaster. So of course I had to Chapek it (with a given up attempt to shrink the fountain):
But do a tweak everyone wants:
Sometimes, nothing is better then something...

This map is at the limits the size PC allows so a lot of it is condensed. Still doesn't help the RAM usage:


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If only there was an unused venue in Frontierland that could host a show of some sort... a saloon, if you will. I'm thinking of diamonds and horseshoes for some reason...
It's such a wasted space. At least they serve food in there again. It had been closed for so long, at least it's open regularly. Baby steps ;) ... but seriously I'd love something there, even a clone of Laughing Stock from Disneyland. It's a cute little show. Nothing spectacular but fun. Entertainment is horrible at the MK, personally. I mean you walk around Disneyland and literally almost trip over bands. But I saw they cut or are cutting two bands, which seems like a real shame.
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