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Black Panther


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Didn't like it. Way over-hyped.
97% thumbs up from critics. 85% overall score from critics (which is very high for critics). $1.35 Billion at the world wide box office. There is no objective criteria to show that BP was 'over hyped', especially when Disney was surprised at its success.

So... not over-hyped. You're entitled to your opinions, but you'll have to accept what a small minority you're part of.

Princess Leia

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This is a big deal. No superhero movie has ever been nominated in this category before.

Edit- Deadpool was nominated in the musical/comedy category for the 2017 awards, and Ryan Reynolds picked up a nomination that year as well.
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Princess Leia

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Maybe so, but it's still under press embargo.
I’m going to assume that the people at the American Film Institute have seen the movie. MPR has also been nominated for a few Golden Globes despite it not being out in wide release yet.

Definitely interesting to look at the categories this year. Black Panther is in the drama category, but it doesn’t quite fit in either drama or musical/comedy. A Star is Born is a musical, but also in the drama category. MPR is in the musical/comedy category, so that’s one of the few that actually make sense.

The past few years have had The Martian and Get Out in the comedy category, so maybe it’s time that a new category is added, or the best films are merged together into one 10-movie list.
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Princess Leia

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Grammy nominations for the album and soundtrack-

I know that the film and soundtrack won’t win everything, but all of the nominations it has received so far are pretty impressive. Superhero films typically don’t receive this kind of response (even though in a few cases, they really should). The Oscar nominations won’t come out for another month, but this is a sign that the film could get a nod in one of the larger categories (and not just technical- the technical categories are also important, but don’t get as much recognition).

erasure fan1

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Don't care and BP was none of these.

It was a good movie though.
Yea I really liked black panther but infinity war was the better movie. I'm glad we are seeing a blockbuster on the best picture list. Even if it's most likely the academy just trying to throw a bone to the viewers who are mad the most popular of movies rarely get nominated.
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