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News Beaches & Cream closing Aug 5 for refurb and expansion


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They took some space from Ariel's and the old arcade area. It's definitely an expansion. I was pleasantly surprised by the inside. I was expecting more of the generic non-themed trend of late, but to me it looks like a more modern version of the old space. They are not open for guests today but should open for walk up tomorrow from what my husband was saying last night.


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That’s what I like about WL: they redid it (and I like what they did; trees will grow in) but didn’t expand the resort by much. I think the physical building is safe for another 20 years at least.

I worry about BoardWalk. It’s looking dated and needs a significant update soon. Hope they don’t ruin it. The pool needs serious work but I fear they’ll remove its character.

Ew. No. The Boardwalk looks fabulous. Update the pool but don't touch anything else.

I have spoken.

hpyhnt 1000

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Definitely a lot more space, but as is typical of these refubs, we've lost a lot charm and details. Hopefully more items are added back to the walls in the coming weeks.

Also, I don't know who chose that new floor tile but it is horribly out of place in a restaurant purporting to be an old fashioned soda fountain.


Old (from the WDW website):


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Says it took away part of the arcade. Is some arcade still in existence? Or is it used for something else.

Also, there is a glass structure built between the bar top and the kitchen. I understand the reasoning, but prefer the open feel of the original bar.

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