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News Beaches & Cream closing Aug 5 for refurb and expansion


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My own impressions from photos, not directed towards anyone in particular...Two things that made the place unique were the stained glass and the cone shaped scones. I do find it strange that neither of these unique items were repurposed or otherwise included in the new design. If they had kept either, there may be less complaints.

Seemingly unchanged: jukebox, menu style, cast costumes, outdoor signs, pink and aqua color scheme, carry-out window

Things I like: more seating (I travel with a tribe), chairs look more comfortable, the "sherbet" colors on the chairs, accessible counter seating, etching on the glass at the counter, tilework behind soda fountain, tilework under counter. I will try to examine the tilework better if I visit in August.

I think the main problem is either they should have gone all the way with the rainbow sherbet scheme or kept it strictly aqua and pink. The high chairs and the banquettes are pink. The 1/2 walls, menu and costumes are aqua. But they added some sherbet chairs, a sherbet light fixture and the artwork has sherbet tone backgrounds. Additionally, the floor could have been checkered 12"x12" tiles in aqua and white. Or if going full sherbet a pattern tiles with "sherbet" colors and white.

Lightning - although pendants were used above the counter before, these are smaller. There is more recessed lighting through the room. Also the one wall was all mirrors in the original design. Adding framed mirrors between the art fills the wall, but does not add anything.

Finally, the ceiling. It did not have to have the multiple colors of trim, but 2'x2' drop ceiling tiles reminiscent of both tin and plaster ceilings are commercially available.

Overall, I will probably visit, especially if staying at Yacht, Beach or Boardwalk. I was only able to eat inside twice, 1998 and 2015. So, the expansion was definitely needed.

Thank you @hpyhnt1000 for the before and after photos


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I don't have a real opinion of this place, but from the photo it looks like they went in a direction closer to the themed era of the resort with the cement tile on the floor. Not coincidentally a somewhat popular design trend right now.

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