News Beaches & Cream closing Aug 5 for refurb and expansion


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Its never been refurbed since it originally opened. Hub tells me about all the problems and issues they have and I'm glad they are finally taking care of it all.


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Happy that B&C is getting a refurb. My kids will not like the arcade going away. They'd spend any wait time in that arcade playing games. But I guess the ROI of the arcade must not be good, so it has to go in today's TWDC, where every nook and cranny is expected to turn a profit.


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Exciting news! It's impossible for a family of 5 to get a reservation due to the seating configuration, so we always have to wait for bar space, which can take a few hours. We definitely welcome this, even though it will be out of commission for 3 months.


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I’ve never been before, but I’ve heard it’s really good and that seating is an issuw. We have a reservation for the beginning of may glad that we’ll still be able to try it out before it goes down


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Hopefully counter seating remains. That is unique and perfectly thematic.

And yes @dawnfire there has been a refurb at B&C before. There used to be an entrance directly into the arcade. This entryway has since been closed and a booth put in its place.

Yacht Club has literally had a complete overhaul. Brand new rooms and common spaces. Brand new quick service and shop. Brand new lobby bar and restaurant. And a very recently refurbished Hanna’s. Now Beaches & Cream.

Wonder if Yachtsman and Crews Cup are set for a refresh anytime soon. And I wish Martha’s Vineyard and Ariel’s become more functional and better utilized.

I need to get back to Yacht soon.


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Not happy to lose another arcade, given Disney historically had some of the best game rooms. I'm actually building a MAME arcade cabinet in honor of Disney, but I'm not sure what to theme it on, Horizons or a Marvel movie lol

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Love the place - perfectly captures the look and feel of a classic soda shop. More room is very welcome. Almost impossible to just walk up now.


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We were just there on Monday, got lucky and scored a lunch reservation an hour before. Happy we got to enjoy it once more before the renovation. It’s been a favorite of ours for a long time, just hope it retains its charm and terrific service. Brian is one of the best servers in WDW.

Expanding into the arcade is a no brainer, shocked it took them this long. While my kids love the arcade, it’s not exactly important to the theme or feel of the resort. More space for sit down dining and quick service ice cream will be great if done right.


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OMG NO!!!!!!!! I love the arcade!!!!

I love beaches and cream too though. The place was so small, it's probably a good thing they're expanding it. Getting reservations was impossible.

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Any chance we'll be able to get the Kitchen Sink anywhere else? Staying at Beach Club in November, was hoping to take the kids there 😔

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