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Bag or Backpack at Disney World?


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We travel really light. No small kids either. Only need a small "swingpack"
that will hold little card holder for cards (duh) and a little cash, ibuprofen, camera, kleenex, and sunglasses. Everyone carries their own stuff.


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I currently use a mid-size LL Bean backpack, but mainly because I still have 1 child in diapers. I probably would use one of those small rope style backpacks.


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Let me just say I have never had an issue taking a backpack on any ride! For rollercoasters, I usually put the bag on the floor, then put my legs through the straps and keep my feet firmly planted to the ground. Works like a charm and I've never lost anything yet!


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For rollercoasters, I usually put the bag on the floor, then put my legs through the straps and keep my feet firmly planted to the ground. Works like a charm and I've never lost anything yet!

I do that too with an "across the shoulder healthy back" bag...I didn't lose it on RnRC (the ultimate test in my opinion). Boy was I nervous about that on my first ride, probably moreso than the initial launch! :eek:


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Dont' take an umbrella; take a fold up plastic poncho instead if it looks like it will rain. You can get cheap ones at Wal-Mart and other places and ones with Mickey at the parks.

Wear shorts or pants, etc. that have lots of pockets.

Unless you have small children you really don't need a lot of stuff.
It's not as if you're hiking across the outback.

Good luck.


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The husband and I tend to carry a messenger style bag. Not too big but that way we can stuff smaller souveniers inside along with the video and digital cameras. The messenger bag never really posed a problem on rides, though we did suffer a pin loss after taking the bag out of the mesh pocket on Everest. (My fault, we had the pins pinned to the front of the bag.)


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I live with a full size Swissgear backpack on my back at WDW. It holds umbrella, sweatshirt, snacks, camera and video, and some basic first aid. I've never had a problem fitting it on any attractions.

One point of advice - no matter what size bag you get, I recommend a drawstring top or zippers that only open halfway. Not only will this provide easy access, but more importantly, I can't tell you how many personal belongings I've seen fall out of bags as people try to dig through them.


We bought a backpack from L.L. Bean. Lots of different compartments and easy to put on your back leaving you hands free. Now that we have a toddler, we just put the backpack on his stroller. We like this best of anything else we've had. You can put as much or as little in it as you want. We got the larger one they sell, but they also have a smaller (child's sized) backpack you could buy if you didn't want something so large. Works great for us! Whatever you do, PLEASE don't use a ***** pack! People look so "geeky" to me wearing one.


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I use a backpack my DW bought me from Bass Pro Shops. Compartments for just about everything. Wrap my camera and extra lenses in towels that we borrow from the resort, and it has straps on the back that I use to secure my tripod. Even has two exterior pouches for water bottles.


What's a good bag to take to Disney World?

I'm looking for something that can tote around things like an umbrella and camera and stuff, but also something that I'll be able to take on rides and such without any issues.

I just went to another smaller theme park not long ago and took a backpack. Leaving it in the little cubby thing when going on the rides made me extremely nervous!

What do you all recommend?


I wore a medium size camel pak. My fiancee wore a small one. Mine held 100 ounces of water, hers around 32 ounces. We both had plenty of water for the day (hers required a refill every now and then) and was very easy to carry without some dumb water bottle dangling at your side the hole time.

The bags held our point and shoot cameras very easily, sunglasses, packed a disposable rain poncho, and had bungee cords to pack an umbrella, small purchases, money, coins, lip balm, portable sunscreen, and a portable fan/mister as well.

The bags were also made to be ergonomic with little cushion air spaces to keep air flowing on our backs.

I highly recommend getting a decent camelbak. Also if/when it rained the ponchos could cover us and our backpacks, the backpacks themselves provided some wet protection (enough to not have to worry about your camera getting soaked in a ride like splash mountain), and when it came time to packing up your poncho you could put it in the bungee cord part so you didnt have to worry about the internal pocket areas getting soaked.


p.s. I took my pak with me on all the rides. I was either able to keep the backpack on, or it fit very easily by my feet or in the little ride pouches in the car.


I used to carry a messenger bag, but one shoulder was always killing me by the end of the day. So last year I found a really cool bag pattern and decided to give it a try. LOVED IT! I'm going to use it every time we go to Disney from now on...and if it eventually wears out on me, I can just make another!

It's a convertible tote/backpack. You can use it as a tote bag, or rework the straps so that you can wear it on your back. Here's the best picture I can find (not my blog):


And here's where I bought it:


If you sew (or know someone that does), you NEED to make this bag!:sohappy:


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I have taken my backpack on all of the rides mentioned without a problem. In truth, I would prefer to not have a backpack at all, but the rides pose no real problems.

I always go without anything to carry. Those were just rides that I thought they wouldnt allow a bag on. I am kinda suprised they allow them on TOT and RnRC though.


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I carry a medium size Tamrac camera backpack that holds my dSLR, ONE additional lens (not lenses...one lens!!), my lens cleaner, memory cards and filters. It also has pockets on both sides that perfectly hold water bottles, and has a good sized pack on the top where we put rain ponchos (if needed), sunscreen, and any medicines we may need. It's a pain for security, but easier on us.


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I always go without anything to carry. Those were just rides that I thought they wouldnt allow a bag on. I am kinda suprised they allow them on TOT and RnRC though.

I've ridden TOT and RnRC many times with a backpack, as have countless others. You just place the backpack at your feet and use your legs to hold it in place. It's really not a big deal at all. :wave:


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I have always used a small side purse that I can hang over my shoulder and across my body.
I only put my money/cards, phone, maps, folded up poncho, etc. in it.
I have a small camera bag that hangs the same way.

LOVE it on rides. I always position the bags so they are between me and the side of the ride car. If a bar comes down, it securely keeps them at my side. Never have to worry about hanging on to them on rides.

Now I don't have children however so I don't have to worry about carrying lots of stuff around. I personally would hate having a big bag to carry and would not bring an umbrella but a fold up poncho.
Suppose that will all change when the kids come but for now it works for me.
When the kids were small we had a backpack that we hung on the strollers. Now, I just wear pants with cargo pockets. I don't carry much. My dd carries a little backpack she keeps her camera & wallet in. My dh & ds also wear pants/shorts with cargo pockets. I hate lugging around a bunch of stuff. We are a very low maintenance group.


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I always carry me a small backpack, it's much more out of the way than a purse. Especially if you carry as much stuff as I do =p It frees up your arms and you don't have to worry about bumping people with it and all that. We've been to DW several times and we've never had a problem taking them on any ride. Just lay it in your lap or between your legs and everything should be a-okay. =D

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