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  • Hey Gspin. My wife and I are going in december. We also debated the dining plan and the deluxe dining plan. The regular dining plan seems like a terrible deal to me. You Have to use 2 nights to eat at a sig. restaurant and no app. That's crazy. Now for the DDP we couldn't see are selves wanting to sit down for a meal 3 time a day, or we could skip lunch to go to more sig. restaurants. So what we did is write down the average cost of eating at the sig restaurants and a character breakfast each day. As it turns out paying cash was cheaper. On the DDP I we also felt forced to eat a fancy meal every night, but we are bringing a 1 1/2 year old son so that was not the best idea. So to make a long story short we found it much cheaper to pay cash for the food. Of course this is only one case and i'm sure there are plenty of people on here that can give you examples of situations were they saved money.
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