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Anyone dislike the volggers content?

Giss Neric

Well-Known Member
I get why they do it but yeah it is annoying and those types of videos I do the skip option or if they have too many non skipable ads I say goodbye.
There is a trick if you want to watch a YouTube video from start to finish without ads interrupting in the middle. At the start of each video, drag the red circle button slowly from start to finish. While doing so, it will play an ad or two which you can skip. When you reach the end of the video, you will see replay. When you click replay, it will play the whole video without those annoying ads in the middle.

These Youtubers rely on ads for profit. If you support that content creator then let the ads play without skipping. If you don't, then follow the trick. I used to pay YouTube premium to get rid of those ads but this is better and it's free. I hate those 15-second unskippable ads.

Kram Sacul

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In the Parks
I can't stand Justin. As a vlogger or as a person. he is soooo phoney. with his phoney voice he uses for videos, his phoney reactions and responses on rides. everything about him is fake. he is constantly nickel and diming his audience with his store and merchandise and the garbage he sells. He is obnoxious in the parks. he prays upon people's niceness and takes advantage of it to get trips to paris and florida and rooms. He pretends to be nice. Guys doesn't have a genuine bone in his body.

You forgot about his dumbass hat. I’m sure he’s off his meds. Just unwatchable.
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Active Member
I like Adam when he ventures out. His park content is good, but I always knew him as the guy who explored abandoned places back in the day. I don’t watch his videos when he’s at WDW or DL for a week or two straight, but as soon as he’s back on the road checking stuff out from around the country, I tune into his content, since his road trips are where he really shines.
I really enjoyed the road trip videos he did with his Dad. I would of loved to done a trip like that with my Dad.

Lil Copter Cap

Well-Known Member
Just came to say that vloggers and the like are not con artists or scammers. Undesirable depending on content? Sure. That's an opinion. But the fact of the matter is someone (viewers) are in choice about who they watch and support. Content creators are not holding anyone hostage and forcing views. Viewers are in choice to support financially whether its via ad revenue, merch, Patreon, etc.

Secondly, the uBlock Origin plugin extension for Chrome is perfect for bypassing any and all YouTube ads. (Please remove if plugin suggestions are not allowed.)

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