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News Announced: Mary Poppins Attraction in UK Pavilion


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It's interesting that Disney never made an announcement or even gave a hint that something was coming, now the insiders are back peddling on this never announced attraction. I guess they were "brave" to get people's hopes up. What's your thoughts @ford91exploder ?????

Edit: I don't believe anything until Disney officially announce it or there are actual permits filed.


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When Brexit goes through won't they have to make a change to the UK pavilion since England will no longer be a part of it? And if so will that effect what IP's will be used, Mary Poppins is English but Brave is Scootish
England isn't leaving the UK. The UK is leaving the European Union. The UK consists of England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. After Brexit, it will remain that way... unless Scotland and/or Northern Ireland leave the UK. If that happens, they can rename it "United Kingdom and Scotland."
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Magenta Panther

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I hope Poppins is back in the running for this attraction. And that the attraction will be decent. It'd be nice to have something to look forward to regarding WDW's new offerings. I had high hopes for the Mickey ride, but...yeah. No longer care.


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Did I miss a post from an insider saying it's definitely a B and definitely Mary Poppins and likely a carousel?
@marni1971 did said that it was a B-ish Ticket attraction. About it being a Mary Poppins Carousel @RSoxNo1 asked Martín if it could be related to what Jim Hill reported at the end of July about the addition being Cherry Tree Lane with a carousel and he answered that the changes happened after July/August, so it was my assumption based on that


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The Brave proposal would have made people very happy as a back to basics type ride. ENot sure if any of the others would have. As for the future, it will be pleasant.
Do you think that there’s still a chance for the Brave attraction to be done? Or are they most likely going for the current proposal? It sounds like the Brave attraction could have been great :D
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