News Announced: Mary Poppins Attraction in UK Pavilion


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Took the words out of my mouth.
I'm getting big block ads right inside your posts now. This is odd.


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@marni1971 do you think the old proposal still has a chance of being approved instead of the current one? If not, could you tell us the IP and ride system that were meant to be used so at least we can know who was right, please?


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Disney...and it's IP except for marvel and Pixar...are NOT popular in China. It was a big risk. That's why iger harped on IP relevance.
So far, only one Pixar film has done particularly well in China:
Either way, Coco's current total of $75.6 million is already a solid win for Pixar. Historically, the fabled studio — known for its (perhaps somewhat culturally specific) emotional nuance and whimsy — has seen its titles underperform in China compared with the output of rivals Illumination and DreamWorks Animation. Pixar's previous top earner was Finding Dory (2016) at $38 million, while Universal's Despicable Me 3 bagged $158.2 million.

Disney's Zootopia, on the other hand, grossed $235.5 million.


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IIRC, Brazil paperwork is being finalized. UK is in development hell like Stitch, but still projected for WDW50. Hotel is around the same time, if not a bit later than Guardians. The bottom line is. By 2023, expect at least one new pavillion and one new ride (not Rat) in WS. If things get done, both of those number may change to 2.

Is SE still in the timeline for improvements or changes?
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