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Even if you account for her perspective from the top of Mickey and Friends, this land is going to look over the park even more dramatically than I had feared. Sure they built a berm and planted pine trees, with more on the way, but SW:GE will be visible inside the park and guests will feel the difference in scale between Disneyland proper and it.

Edit: Have any locals been to DL since it was topped out?
I went yesterday. No, the peak doesn't loom over the park, mainly because they've carefully placed it such that there's no clear view toward it from nearly anywhere in Disneyland proper.

The contrast in scale while in Star Wars Land from the rest of Disneyland is an epic fail. Andy Castro's criticism of this is the best critique that could ever be said about this issue.


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Also new things coming for Tokyo Disneyland's 35th Anniversary.

URAYASU, CHIBA—Tokyo Disney Resort® has announced the entertainment, special events and programs to be offered during the “Tokyo Disney Resort 35th ‘Happiest Celebration!’” taking place from April 15, 2018 through March 25, 2019. This major celebration marks the 35th Anniversary of the Grand Opening of Tokyo Disneyland® Park. Guests visiting the Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea® Parks will be able to experience the happiest time ever with the Disney Friends and Cast Members during this milestone year.

Kicking off the celebration at Tokyo Disneyland Park will be the premiere of “Dreaming Up!,” a brand new daytime parade, and the reopening of the iconic attraction “it’s a small world” after being temporarily closed for extensive enhancements. Then in summer, “Celebrate! Tokyo Disneyland” will premiere. This new nighttime spectacular at Cinderella Castle will feature more new effects and a grander scale than ever before. A special theme song created just for the 35th Anniversary will be used in various programs.

Over the anniversary year at both Parks, Guests will find elements of “Tokyo Disney Resort 35th Anniversary ‘Happiest Celebration!’” in the special events for Easter, Halloween and Christmas,as well as in other exciting programs. In addition, not only will Guests discover special merchandise and special menu items just for the 35th anniversary, but also a special shop opening at Tokyo Disneyland for a limited period only. The Disney hotels and the Disney Resort Line will also celebrate the event, adding to the excitement around Tokyo Disney Resort. Tokyo Disneyland Park opened its gates on April 15, 1983 and grew from a single theme park into a resort that includes Tokyo DisneySea Park, four Disney Hotels and more.

Tokyo Disney Resort 35th “Happiest Celebration!”

Disney Resort has continued to be a place filled with happy moments where people of all ages can have magical experiences, a place “where dreams come true.” In 2018, Tokyo Disney Resort will create even more happiness and even brighter dreams as it celebrates 35 years of fun and joy with the “Happiest Celebration!” Please see the attachment for more details on “Tokyo Disney Resort 35th ‘Happiest Celebration!’” For inquiries from the general public, please give the following contact number: Tokyo Disney Resort Information Center 0570-00-8632 (9:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.) Note: From overseas, and from some mobile phones and IP phones, please call 045-330-5211.

Programs to be Presented in Fiscal Year 2018 at Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea Parks

Starting April 15, 2018

Daytime Parade at Tokyo Disneyland “Dreaming Up!” Kicking off the “Tokyo Disney Resort 35th ‘Happiest Celebration!’” is the premiere of this grand daytime parade. Spectacular floats brimming with the colors, dreams and imagination of Disney films will feature characters and images from Fantasia, Beauty and the Beast, Peter Pan and more, including for the first time Big Hero Six. Mickey Mouse and his Disney Friends will take Guests to this world of dreams.

Dreaming Up!” will be sponsored by NTT Docomo, Inc. Happiness Is Here,” the daytime parade currently presented at Tokyo Disneyland, will end on April 9, 2018.

Starting April 15, 2018

Tokyo Disneyland Attraction “it’s a small world” Re-opening A favorite with Guests of all ages, the newly enhanced attraction will feature around 40 new figures representing characters from Disney films. The attraction’s iconic soundtrack will be remixed with additional music that evokes memorable scenes from the films. As before, Guests board boats for the “happiest cruise that ever sailed ’round the world” and are welcomed by doll-like children andanimals. Elsa, Anna and Olaf from the Disney film Frozen join the cast, together with characters from other Disney films including Alice in Wonderland, Cinderella, Peter Pan, Tangled, Mulan, Aladdin and The Lion King. to greet Guests. at Tokyo Disneyland “it’s a small world” is sponsored by NTT Nippon Express Co., Ltd. and will offer the Disney FASTPASS service.

April 15, 2018 – March 25, 2019

Greeting on the harbor at Tokyo DisneySea [Title to be announced] Dressed in their special costumes for the 35th Anniversary, Mickey Mouse and other “it’s a small world” Disney characters, including Duffy and Friends, will greet Guests from on board a special boat on the waters of Mediterranean Harbor. The greeting will take place to the music of the 35th anniversary theme song.

Starting July 10, 2018

Nighttime Spectacular at Tokyo Disneyland “Celebrate! Tokyo Disneyland” Premiering this summer is this new entertainment presented on a grand scale. The show will feature fountains of water and lights filling the nighttime sky in addition to the colorful images projected onto Cinderella Castle. The show begins with Mickey Mouse appearing on stage and a magical spell that turns the castle into a world of imagination. Guests will experience various areas of Tokyo Disneyland through images and music.

Starting July 10, 2018

New Show at Theater Orleans at Tokyo Disneyland [Title to be announced] A new show featuring Mickey Mouse and his pals will premiere at this open-air theater in Adventureland. Guests and the Disney Friends will share the excitement as lively music plays. During the 35th Anniversary event period, the show will also feature the 35th Anniversary theme song and other elements.

Starting July 10, 2018

New Show at Dockside Stage at Tokyo DisneySea [Title to be announced] The Dockside Stage in the New York area of American Waterfront will offer a new show with Mickey Mouse and his pals. Guests will be able to enjoy the ambience of this themed port through this show which will also feature the 35th Anniversary theme song and other elements during the 35th Anniversary event period. Performances of “Steps to Shine,” the show currently being presented, will end on March 19, 2018.

January 11 to March 25, 2019

At Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea “Tokyo Disney Resort 35th ‘Happiest Celebration!’” Grand Finale The Grand Finale of this milestone celebration, which ends on March 25, 2019, will immerse Guests at Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea in an ambience celebrating all the happy feelings generated over the anniversary year. Merchandise exclusive to the Grand Finale will add to the excitement of the 35th.


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Yes, 'tis true. Bob Iger and Co descended on DLP this week because ... well, because it hasn't been utterly destroyed yet by the IP parade. I've said it before and it deserves repeating, but DLP's financial issues over the years have prevented it from being ripped apart like other beloved parks. Indeed, rip out Buzz Lightyear and the park is still thematically as true as it was on Day 1 except, perhaps, merchandise.

Why was Bob there? Simple. To go over current plans for the resort and get final pitches on some major projects likely to be approved soon. Looks like most will be things we've already known with a greater Marvel presence in WDSP at the forefront. I doubt very much that we'll see Pandora in this park, even if that has been the plan dating to 2011.

Lots of Anaheim news ... and no one either knows what is going on or sees fit to write about it.
I need to visit Paris asap.

Anaheim news always has me shooketh. As far as GE being too gritty for Disneyland, I think it will come down to Tomorrowland offsetting the dystopian/extraterrestrial/fantasy vibe of Star Wars by taking the land in a very different direction than its current form. Can WDI do it? Hopefully they start the project after 2019.


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When I take full control of TWDC, everything will be restored back to a purposeful, non-advertisement state. Although I would keep Depp in POTC WDW only because all the other pirates go to jail, but Captain Jack Sparrow gets away with it all! It's a great example of balance without ruining the ride (hopefully they won't tip the scale!). :)
I disagree. He just sort of sits there on the lift hill at the end of the ride at Disneyland and says "buy more of my S*** at the gift shop!"


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The most guests will see of it is the tippy top of the rock spires. @TP2000 can you speak to this?
You rang?

I certainly can speak to this. We've been talking about it a lot over on the Disneyland side here. You can't see this rocky spire from Frontierland, Fantasyland or New Orleans Square. You catch a glimpse of it through the trees in Critter Country if you stand in the right spot and know where to look. You see it very clearly in Mickey's Toontown looming above Gadget's Go Coaster.

But everyone seems most worried about Frontierland, where it is completely invisible. A couple weeks ago, as the mesh was being applied to the upper rocky spires, I took a trip on all three rivercraft; the Canoes, the Columbia, and the Mark Twain. From the Canoes, sitting two feet above the waterline, you can't see a thing of Star Wars. Same for the lowest level of the Mark Twain, standing six feet above the water line. And the college guy CM at the front of the canoe was too busy telling bad moose jokes to mention Star Wars anyway.

From the Columbia and the middle Promenade Deck of the Mark Twain, standing about 15 feet above the water line, you catch a glimpse very briefly if you are looking in the right spot just before you get to the Indian Village. From the topmost deck of the Mark Twain about 22 feet above the waterline, it's the most visible, but only for about 90 seconds as the boat makes the turn just before the Indian Village.

In short, the whole online freakout about Star Wars being visible from other lands in Disneyland is much ado about nothing. Which is hysterical to watch playout, because the same Disneyland fans seemingly don't care about that giant Swiss mountain that has loomed over everything in Walt Disney's Magic Kingdom for 58 years.

But a few peekaboo rocky spires behind Frontierland?!? Call out the National Guard! :cool:
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I don't doubt the motivation behind it, but I generally view this as a good thing. Unhindered with having to conform to pre-determined locations and concepts should allow the creatives at WDI to have the freedom to create something better suited for a theme park. Ironically, this will hurt Disney in terms of the nostalgia/familiarity factor, but the land will be popular enough that I don't think that will matter in terms of being crowd pleasing.
Agreed. It incidentally makes the theme park adaptation more creative than the film. Think about how much pressure there is when writing, directing a star wars episode, versus this land, which is able to deviate. It basically inverts all the other IP adaptation limitations.


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On the Star Wars Land front, I have to say that the land being grimy isn't anything to be surprised about. One of the things that distinguished Star Wars from its peers from the beginning was that the universe looked lived-in (which includes some grime), especially in the original trilogy.

That's yet another strike against its placement in Disneyland proper, but personal feelings aside, it's no different than the prayer flags in Everest's queue or the crumbling plaster on the Hollywood Tower Hotel, and is one of the things that will help sell the immersion.

On Toy Story Land... yikes is all I can say. What else can possibly go wrong?


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Frozen is also highly over-saturated. The show at DLR is basically running half-empty most of the time. The attraction in Florida is a hit, largely because there isn't any other worthwhile attractions, save Soarin' and Test Track, at Epcot.
I think FEA also "benefits" from the ridiculously low capacity. It doesn't have to be all that popular to create a long wait. If it had decent capacity, I'd imagine the standby wait would never by more than 15 minutes. It's a "nice" ride but is not anywhere near the level of other rides around WDW that have much shorter wait times.

I'm sure the addition of Rat and if they add a dark ride to UK will greatly help as it will add more "kiddie" rides. GotG is probably not going to help much with the FEA target audience of 6 year-olds.


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Another criticism would be how much this project is going out of its way to, unlike WWoHP, not take you into places from the SW universe, but to create a new and related realm. How would Potter have fared if you didn't go to Hogwarts and drink butterbeer in the Three Broomsticks and buy a wand at Ollivander's? Bob Iger wants a world 'based' on 'his' SW universe, but not necessarily taking place in it.
This is why I haven't gotten all that excited about Star Wars Land. As a kid, I grew up with the original trilogy. Star Wars was a childhood obsession. As an adult, I have always looked back on it fondly though I find Disney testing the limits of my Star Wars nostalgia. If they created a land where I could visit the iconic locations of the movies I grew up with, I would feel compelled to visit it. But "generic sci fi world with Star Wars flourishes" doesn't appeal to me all that much. Given my current lack of enthusiasm for Disney World, it is possible I will never get around to checking out Star Wars land - something that would have been inconceivable just a few years ago.

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It might be fun?

Hocus Pocus is a mess of a movie, and yet, one of the best Castle Stage shows.
Hocus Pocus has three fun villain characters - they're sort of the flip side of Flora, Fauna and Meriweather - while Brave has no characters anyone really cares about. Merida is boring. But she is PC. I'll give her that. For what that's worth, entertainment-wise. :p


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This is why I haven't gotten all that excited about Star Wars Land. As a kid, I grew up with the original trilogy. Star Wars was a childhood obsession. As an adult, I have always looked back on it fondly though I find Disney testing the limits of my Star Wars nostalgia. If they created a land where I could visit the iconic locations of the movies I grew up with, I would feel compelled to visit it. But "generic sci fi world with Star Wars flourishes" doesn't appeal to me all that much. Given my current lack of enthusiasm for Disney World, it is possible I will never get around to checking out Star Wars land - something that would have been inconceivable just a few years ago.
I prefer the approach they're taking.
With Harry Potter it made sense to build what they did because every book has the kid going back to his school.
With Star Wars, with few exceptions the movies were always exploring new locations.

After the horrible prequel movies I was sick to death of Tatooine.
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