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When did the WoL and BW Costumes disappear. When I left my summer CP i went to Epcot on the last day to check and see if they were still there given that the sign and DNA had been torn down and they were still there.

This was Aug 19.
Hmm maybe they moved them and I didn't see where they were. They were gone around the same time the DNA was gone.

Hank, you were just jealous of my awesome ness in that jacket.
I would always love when mgmt was like
M: Stay in character. Image you are professors, Soarin' you are flight attendants, and Land you are...
Me: Fashion Victims? Hippies?
Sigh I hope we get new costumes soon.

As a side note I actually really like the BW costumes. I liked the fact that they had skirts for the women. I wish they would do that for Soarin' instead of those really unflattering pants. ;)


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The stage and lifts are mostly intact. No AAs of course. The Soarin' entrance line runs through the old theatre seats, the FP dis and exit through the old holding area. I did some layouts a while back; try a search :wave:


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This is completely unacceptable. Would it really have been so difficult for them to remove the entire Food Rocks set. This whole "we'll just build a wall around it and pretend it was never here" mentality they've got going has has got to stop. Disney, we expect better from you, and this is very disappointing. The geeks WILL find stuff like this, and it WILL get posted on the internet, and then you will be shamed into fixing it, when it should have been done in the first place.

And of course your complaint never stopped them, have you seen the current Body Wars, and Cranium Command at EPCOT? ;) look in the forums "Buzzy needs a make over" to see buzzy in a bad condition.

Shoot i look at these old food rocks photos in their old stage and makes you wonder what it looks like now... probably even more trashed, what does disney use for abandoned attractions? A DUMP? :lookaroun

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Problem solved!! Thanks for your patience! :)





It really is sorta creepy when you look at them.


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The area that that is in is incredibly dangerous. There are literally holes in the floor; I hope your friend doesn't get caught having gone back there.

Oh, and to add ... the Food Rocks stuff is the least interesting stuff that's back there. There's stuff in another area somewhere around there that would make Epcot afficionados lose their minds.


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Elaborate! (please.) (thank you.)

Yeah even as a former CM I wouldn't do that, because frankly the stuff would probably be raided (in fact, I know it actually was once). It's just historical Epcot is all. WDI literally puts their stuff anywhere they can find space when they're done with it. You find things in the weirdest places (i.e. the Nautilus behind Soarin').

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