2015 Epcot Food and Wine Festival

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There are places where if you tried to order filet mignon like that they would throw you out. ;)

I was at the Californa Grill not long ago with a foreign family member. She ordered the Bison Striploin well done. The server refused to put the order in that way. She insisted that the temperature be well done. The server made her chose something else from the menu since he would not serve well done bison.


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It's rammed today. Like NYE rammed.

Here's a photo posted by EpcotExplorer on Twitter tonight. Yikes!


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I was there all day yesterday, and since it was my first time, I didn't know if that was par for the course in terms of crowd levels on the weekend or a fluke. I was only able to visit four stations, but maybe I'll try on Monday and see if crowd levels are better.

To be fair, the four stations I waited for, while the line looked long, they had 3-4 cashiers set up and taking orders and the line moved pretty quickly once you were in it.

And if you can get only one thing from the entire festival, get the Macaroni and Cheese! It was out of this world!


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Hello, everyone! Here is a video overview of the Food and Wine Festival from yesterday shot in 4K with HQ Sound.
The video shows all of the pavilions as well as part of David Cook's performance from last night! It also shows the new Ghirardelli Exhibit in the Festival Center that features Chocolate Sculptures of Frozen, Star Wars, The Jungle Book, Up, and a couple others. The video is over 20 minutes long, so feel free to skip around if you like! Enjoy!



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Since the haggis is not vegetarian this year what is in it? Liver? I am not a vegetarian but loved that version of it. Seeing the word traditional is freaking me out as I don’t eat liver or anything else along those lines. Anyone know what’s in this years version?

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