2015 Epcot Food and Wine Festival


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DW and I just spent the weekend and thouroughly enjoyed ourselves as usual:

Favorite food:
Ricotta and Zucchini Ravioli - Sustainable Chew
Olive Oil Poached Salmon and NY Strip - Chew Lab
Beef Tenderloin - Africa
Buttered Chicken - Africa
Lettuce Wrap - South Korea
Pork Belly - Brazil
Chicken Sausage with Polenta & Onion Jam - Canada
Everything from New Zealand
Kielbasa and Pierogi - Poland
Haggis - Scotland

We went Friday and Saturday. Crowds on Friday were totally manageable, never felt like we were overwhelmed. Saturday was a different story, by 2pm it was INSANE, we actually left for a few hours and did the Monorail Pub Crawl, which was a lot of fun. Came back for a 6:45 ADR at Spice Road and then saw The SOS Band at 8pm (THEY PUT ON A GREAT SHOW). After the concert we were able to hit a bunch of kiosks without much wait at all.

All in all, Food & Wine is still a GREAT experience. We will be back again next year, but will be sure to go during the week.

Suzanne Larmark

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So it looks like fastpass seating for the "Eat to the Beat" shows is the front section right? I'm assuming, you had great seats for 38 special!!!
I also booked a ETTB dinner package and those look like middle section uncovered seating. Am I right? Going next week and want to be aware. Wondering if I should even try the chase lounge for reserved seating. I much rather spend time at the other parks the morning of.

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