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  • OMG! Can you believe it's time to think Christmas already...it really is hard to believe! My Husband and I shopped for Kelsy on Saturday night and got EVERYTHING she is in to (to young for wants yet!) We got an early start this year because who know with this crazy economy what is going to happen in stores with keeping things stocked, so we are in great shape! I just have stockings left for her and Brandon (Husband) and then the rest of our families. My neices are at that age now where all they want is clothes...thank goodness I still can get that toy itch out with Kelsy!
    How about you? Are there any hot items your kids want this year? It's fun to get in the spirit!
    Great to hear from you and hope all is well!
    Kelly :)
    Hey! We are definatley planning for May. I can't wait! :) May is my favorite time to go to WDW, the weather is perfect and it's not too crowded and my Anniversary is May 7th, so we always try to go around that time.
    This past April we went during April vacation week and it was unreal. My neices couldn't miss any school so we had to go then. We managed it O.K. because we were in baby mode. Your planning for September? That is a great time to go as well! Dont you just love planning a WDW trip?
    I can't believe how busy it's been down there too. One of my clients was down there the same week and by the tone of the post card she sent me it sounded like WDW was the place to be! I hope your sister still had a great time. It's funny because I thought Americans were broke too but I was shopping on Saturday and I couldn't believe how many people were buying not browsing in Macy's...I was a little shocked...:shrug:
    Hope your week is great!
    Hi! How cool is that, that you got to not only talk Disney to someone who just got back but your also getting some things you wanted from there! That is such a pickmeup, especially when you miss it soooo much! (like I do! :brick:)
    We are in the very early planning stages of our next trip in May 09, just waiting for Jet Blue to post the flights for then, then we are going to book...seems so far away!
    It was nice hearing from you! Have a wonderful weekend!
    Kelly :)
    Hi Everyone,

    If you go to Purina cat chow's web site & take a test on your
    knowledge of breast cancer they will donate $1. to the Susan G.
    Komen foundation. The questions are not difficult & you keep going
    until you guess right. Only 5 questions. Heres the web
    Please pass it along to everyone you know ... thanks!!
    Hi! Well that's great that football is going good, tis the season! My neices both cheer and I can't wait to bring Kelsy to see them.
    It's getting chilly around here and the leaves are starting to turn a little bit...not sure I like this or not! I was just getting used to being in beach mode! I spent the day working then shopping for feetie p.j.'s for Kelsy, this summer flew by!!!
    Take care,
    Kelly :)
    Still not doing well, thanks for asking though. On top of all of the other health problems I'm having I go for hand surgery on October 7th and will be out of work for two weeks. I'm kinda glad, not only because my hand will (hopefully) feel better but it will give me a chance to get some much needed rest. How are you doing?

    Yes I had my baby on July 27th. He was 13 days early. But he is healthy, I am healthy and the C-section wasn't that bad. Everything is going well except I am totally exhausted but that is to be expected. Thank you for remembering me!
    Hope everything is going well with you as well!
    Not really dear, it's been pretty bad, thanks for asking though. My dad had corroded artery surgery on Wednesday(he's home and doing great)and I'm having alot of issues with my health. How have you been?
    What a nice friend you are to help get the day care ready! It's funny with Monday holidays, you end up losing a day someplace!
    Kelsy turned 2 on Saturday Aug 30th and had so much fun at her party, she is soo funny! I couldn't believe how much fun she had, from waiting at the door for guests to arrive (my avatar) to having pizza, cake, ice cream, presents, she had a blast! I can't wait for Christmas with her!
    Have a great rest of your week and weekend and hopefully the weekend won't fly by!
    Pretty good so far, just busy (as is evidenced by my lengthy absence. LOL). Yours?
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