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  • Aww, I am so happy for you!! Babies are a lot of work but they are so worth it. I think back to when mine were smaller and it's all a blur. Just enjoy every minute of it and take it all in.

    I have been doing great. Staying very busy, but doing great. I hope that you have a wonderful week!! :)

    Yes I had my baby on July 27th. He was 13 days early. But he is healthy, I am healthy and the C-section wasn't that bad. Everything is going well except I am totally exhausted but that is to be expected. Thank you for remembering me!
    Hope everything is going well with you as well!
    Aww, how exciting. I'll tell you, after having two girls and then a boy, there is a difference. I think that boys are much easier, though they can all be a handful. I had three c-sections and while they are no fun, I had a pretty easy time with each one. Just be sure to take it easy. I found that it was much easier to sleep in my husbands recliner for the first few days at home. It was much easier to get up from a chair then the bed.

    Well, you don't have much longer. You'll have to let us know when he arrives. We will be thinking of you. Oh, and I would take him at any age except as a new born and only because it is so much work when they are tiny. We took our children from the time that they were two and it was great.
    Oh my goodness, congratulations on the baby! So you are due any day now I guess. Boy how I remember those days, and I kind of miss them. Just don't let that keep you away, you'll need all of the Mommy tips from now on.:animwink: Is this your first baby? Do you know what you are having yet? It's so exciting!
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