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  • hi, i received your friends request...thanks!
    i actually wanted to change my user name because now i am a disneymom of 4, lol but i didn't want to start all over with my titles, kwim, earring ears, etc.
    Yes, those are my real license plates! I have Mickey Mouse seat covers and Mickey Mouse Stickers in my windows too!
    Hi, Carla! Thank you. Where in Alabama are you from? I live in Montgomery, went to school at Auburn. Do a lot of business in Birmingham, Selma, Union Springs, Mobile, and everywhere in between!

    I am still in Brazil, but Yes, everything is going Great. The family went home a week ago Friday & I will be heading home this coming Thursday. Here are a couple pictures for you to enjoy (One is actually for your daughter). The first one is on the wall of fame @ the Copacabana Palace on Copacabana Beach. The hotel was built in 1923 & has photos of all the famous people who have stayed there. The second one is Joseph on Copacabana Beach across from the hotel.

    Thank you! Well its my first official pregnancy however I have three stepchildren and the two youngest ones (girls, 5 and 7) live with us full time and I have raised them since one was a baby and the other was 2 1/2. My husbands oldest who is a boy lives with us part time. So I am no stranger to mom duties but it is my first baby. I am having a boy which I am very excited about, I wanted a boy as we have our hands full with females in this house...even the dog is a female (my poor husband!). His name is going to be Aiden and if all goes well he should be arriving via c-section on July 30th.

    I'm sure on my maternity leave I will have PLENTY of time to visit WDWMagic.com. I do miss this site. We are trying to debate when our baby's first trip should be.....
    Oh hello! It is very nice to know I was missed! Thank you. I am nine months pregnant and up until recently I have been working my rear end off trying to save money for my maternity leave. I come here from time to time...bu it makes me sad because I am not going to WDW for a while.....
    Thanks for the message! Glad your having a nice weekend. Kids are so funny around fireworks, sounds like your kids had a blast! Thankfully Disney has prepared my daughter (she'll be 2 in August) for them so she was really into the fireworks around here! Have a great week!
    You know, I've never been to Raleigh. I'm pretty partial to the mountains of Western NC though, having been born and raised here, it's the only place I'd rather be...other than WDW of course!

    I hope you had a good weekend.
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