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  • Just a heads up...if you put that quote in your signature you wouldn't have to retype it every time you post! Go to USER CP (up on the blue bar) > Edit Signature
    Hey WDW1974, when was the last time you went to China? I spent five months last year in Chengdu and traveled a great deal while I was there. What you see on TV from Bejing and Shanghi is not the real china. Try traveling away from the tourist area's and you will see the REAL China. There is no middle class. Mostly poor and destitute people just trying to survive. The majority of the places I visited you could not pay me to stay at. I audit pharmaceuitcal companies in the U.S. and was asked to do the same in China. The conditions of those companies in China were appalling. If those Pharmaceutical companies were in the U.S. they would be shut down immediately. China is just a SHELL of what you see on TV.
    Thanks for all your great posts. It is nice to know there is someone else out there who remembers how WDW used to be.
    Now, I am going to have to restrain myself from looking for chipped paint and broken lightbulbs on Main Street..;)
    Well said about Lasseter's mind set. I'm not to sure about where I stand on that thread's argument, but I do know that Lasseter is a good driving force to have on the creative task force at WDI.
    Ah, Happy Days reference ... Wildcat ... I almost jumped the shark myself once or twice.
    Nice thread. I wish it was easy to Wish it back to how you remember it, but if you wish too hard we may find ourselves sitting in a booth at Arnolds commenting on Mrs. C's shapely calves. . .
    Sure ... would you like the free tee shirt or do you want to pay for the premium package? ;-)
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