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  • Hi, Mr. Sotto
    I'm an Architecture Student In The University Autonomous Of Baja California, Mexico. My Big Dream Is To Become A "Walt Disney Imagineer" But I Don't Know What To Do Next After I Finish My Career. I Was Thinking To Do A Master Degree In Thematic Design, But I Don't Know Where. I Hope You Can Help Me With Any Tips Of What To Do Next!

    Thanks For Your Time - Robert Rodriguez Vazquez
    Hi Mr. Sotto! I'm sure you get this a lot, but I am a freshman Engineering student at the University of Miami and I have been assigned a project to interview professionals working in the career track I am pursuing. Is there any way to get in touch with/email an Imagineer for a couple of questions? Would very much appreciate your help! Thank you for your time and any help you can give.
    -Rachel Oberhausen
    I love your avatar! Such a great raw photo of Walt, nothing fake! Was it photoshopped, I have never seen it anywhere? Do you have a link I could use to save it?
    Hey Eddie, i was curious if the imagineers hire industrial designers. I work in 3d cad and do illustrator and photoshop as well. I just could never find a link between my profession and the imagineers. any insight would be a plus! thanks!
    Hi Eddie,

    I'm really enjoying going through the back posts on teh "Eddie Sotto's Take on the Current State of the Parks". I just ran across the bit about wanting to build a recreation of "Metropolis". Have you heard that a lot of the missing footage of the film has been located and a newly restored version is being shown?

    There's a live band that's written an incredible score to Metropolis and they are performing it live at some showings ( check out http://www.alloyorchestra.com/tour.schedule.html )


    Mr. Sotto. I find it an honor to be speaking with a man who was behind the magic! Wow... It's simply fantastic and something I never imagined of being able to do. Now, I can say that at least once in my lifetime, I have spoken to an imagineer.
    Thanks so much for the reply and the background about these images!!! Really cool to hear the insight on Power Plant. I've only really seen the concept art b/c of the recent Landmark sale. Seemed like such a neat idea on paper, especially to someone like me who grew up loving attractions like the Carousel of Progress and the early EPCOT stuff. Bummer to hear the execution wasn't up to par, though certainly understandable w/o having a Disney budget to back it all up.

    Would definitely LOVE to see some of your pics and hear the audio if you're able to get that. Seems like so many talented folks were involved with the project -- it's sad that there's almost no trace of it ever existing anymore.

    Thanks again for taking the time to write back -- here's my email address if you're able to dig up anything to send my way, it'd be much much appreciated!: COUSINORVILLE64@YAHOO.COM

    plant was a pretty cool place but the animatronics were not made well due to budget and it was not a success. It is responsible for me getting into WDI as Tony Baxter came and loved my shows. Whew! so I got a job out of it. I remember doing those sketches for a meeting. the pens have faded over the years a bit as the backgrounds had less streaking. That was from the "home of the future" show, one of my first projects! If I can find and digitize the soundtrack I'll send it to you. It was a funny little show but mechanically it did not work that well. The funniest part was burping the baby and blowing up the chicken in the dinner machine. I was the voice in the victrola picture you have. After every invention performs I'd say.."Isn't that AMAZING!". Glad you have the sketches. send you email address and if i see some images of it I'll send them to you.

    Hey Eddie -- just dropping by to say hello and that I'm a fan of your work! Check out my little art collection I've got brewin' in the living room, I think you'll get a kick outta it! :) I would have loved to visit the P.P. when it was open, but sadly just learned of it in the past year. A little too late, eh?

    If I was you, I'd be out there learning to use 3D programs so I could design my own rides all day long and make them real. None of that existed when I was a kid.
    Thanks for responding! I know the site well. Those articles, and forums have taught me so much about this world. Everyone there is so nice; it's a shame so few people discuss things on there anymore. I feel like I should be asking you advice or something, but I understand becoming an Imagineer is different for almost everyone. I'm told you just have to be good at what you do, so that's what I'm focusing on right now.
    I really enjoyed your interview on how guest interaction in the industry, is the next step with entertaining our modern society. It was very inspiring to say the least. I've been working on loads of concepts for rides that blend the classic ride experience with interaction. I don't know why some of us enjoy attraction design so much (even if we never make it into a reality), but I feel like it's a part of me.

    Thank you so much for your time! It's thrilling to talk to someone who is actually involved in this sort of thing, instead of just a fellow dreamer.
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