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  • Smart City began large scale convention services at Astrodome and now handles telecom for major convention centers. Would this include temporary radios or other gear that could be monitored/recorded etc. and sent to their central office for review? If they've covered Presidential party conventions and large scale corporate events, i would imaging they could have heard some very interesting things.
    Hi, a heads up for you. Over on the MM+ testing thread is a guy that just started posting named mnrlblue. He is saying 95% of those testing have had no problems. I had quoted him, and asked if he was refuting what you have been saying on this thread. My post has since disappeared, or I didn't hit the send button, but I am sure I did.
    Thanks for all you write on here.
    My wife and I send our condolences for your loss. Our thoughts and prayers will be with you and your loved ones. God Bless!
    Your new thread (Spirited News, Observations & Thoughts IV) seems to have sparked a whole new round of discussion(s), even though you've said very little.
    Is there any way you could maybe blog this somewhere or post it into a closed discussion thread where all of your comments could be seen without having to sort through a bazillion pages?
    Hey Mr.Spirit, member when you said on your thread yesterday what would be worse to watch: free or Jeff Lange videos? How about combine the best of two worlds. It'll be a Jeff Lange free video with a working title called "Show Me The Money Honey" or "Give Me all you got" featuring Jeff Lange and Scrooge McDuck in the Cinderella Castle Dream Suite since were dealing with a fantasy lineup here.
    OK. You up for putting the glasses back on Clark so we will understand who you really are. Your insight is worth the read and obviously from someone in the know, but I have to admit I am more than curious of your connection level. Did you use to play in the same sandbox as some of the current Disney exes? I promise I will not tell anyone ;)
    Hah. Funny. Clark Kent, I get it. I don't wear glasses, except to shield mysef from the sun and the hordes of fans! I am well connected. That's all I care to share. That's all that really matters when reading what I toss out there. I am not always right, but I always know what I am talking about.
    I do not doubt it. Good stuff. I am but merely a player, like Ben Haramed. If you ever find yourself in Cincy, drop me a note, I will spring for some Skyline Chili or if you catch me in a moment of weekness, maybe some Montgomery Inn.
    Any chance there is an upgrade coming for Soarin? I've seen the show in both Fl and CA. The screens are in need of cleaning/repair and the film itself is getting boring. It would be a neat concept to have four or five different versions that played randomly...

    I'm just curious if anyone has heard of plans to spruce it up?
    There are always plans. But I'd say we're years away.
    Hey Spirit. Talking about Lasseter, my only first hand knowledge of him comes from Toy Story 2. I know someone involved with that effort and it seemed JL swooped in at the last minute to 'save' the day. From what I understand, the day did not need saving and JL's move seemed rather petty. Any insight?
    I retired last yr & I saw similar happenings in the Power Industry! My friend...in some ways you are sugarcoating ....."IF"....forum members knew how meetings go .....at the upper management level...it would either anger them or scare the crap out of them! Enjoyed your posts!
    Hello Spirit. I am the big fans of your writing and informations. Thank you for all the posts. Just have a question. There seems to be some member in the fourm that claim very firmly that Avatarland is not a "if" but will start the conscurction in 2013. However Lee and you throwing the date around 2017-2018. I am interested in your take on that. Thank you so much!
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