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  • thanks for the info. looks like you will be down there same time as us, and right next to us at Beach Club! Enjoy your trip.
    Hey...I'm a little late...but I couldn't find ANY resort-specific merchandise at the Beach Club. I was very disappointed!
    Thank you! The trip was fabulous! I am now a Kona lover too! It will be so hard not to book both the breakfast and dinner every trip. It's the DH's new favorite spot. I am planning on posting my first trip report on the boards. Just adjusting to reality at home, I miss Disney already!
    I am in total Disney freakout mode! We Fed-exed our luggage today! Just a few more days, so crazy!!
    Thanks, I definitely will! I am so pumped and thankful I have Kona to look forward to early in the trip, I can't wait to finally check it out!
    Hey there! Added you as a friend because I enjoy your posts and feel like we have a lot of similar responses.
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