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    Agent P's World Showcase Adventure--it's fun

    You can use the device they hand out at the "recruitment center" or a website on your own phone. We just used the phone. You pick a country and are given a mission--it's essentially a scavenger hunt. Here's a pretty good overview...
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    Agent P's World Showcase Adventure--it's fun

    I feel like this game deserves a bump. We played it on our trip a few weeks ago (actually my husband did most of it with the kids while I was in line for Test Track, but I got to experience some of it) and it is really pretty cool and a neat way to explore the World Showcase. It isn't overly...
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    Parents night out! Where to dine?

    We got to do a parent's night out a few weeks ago. We ate at 'Ohana with the kids and my parents before they took them for the night. Since you are staying at the Poly, I HIGHLY recommend going to Trader Sams. We didn't spend too long there, but had an absolute blast. It would be a nice way to...
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    50's PT/Sci Fi Dine in

    I had awesome memories of going to 50s as a child, but on this last trip it was the worst meal of our trip. Our waitress just didn't get into it at all. In fact, we barely saw her. It looked like other tables with different servers were having fun, so I I guess it is just the luck of the draw...
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    BOG lunch

    Eating lunch at Be Our Guest was a highlight of the trip. We ordered in advance via the website and were seated and eating less than 15 minutes from the time we walked through the door. The lines for those who did not order in advance looked pretty awful. Just order in advance--if you change...
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    Disney Photopass--what am I missing?

    I'm finally getting around to downloading all our photos from photopass...what am I missing here? Whenever I try to download all 395 photos with the "Download All" button, it sets up a download for 308 photos?
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    Sanaa or Disney Springs?

    My 5 and 3 year old hands down declared Sanaa their favorite meal of the trip...given we went to Akershus and a lot of other fun places, I think this speaks volumes! BTW, if you are on the dining plan, they will let you swap your desserts (both adult desserts) for the full bread service. Well...
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    Geyser Point Before MNSSHP

    We were staying at WL, but we ate there one night before heading to the park and I really liked it. The food was good and the setting was really nice. We didn't have a problem finding a table around 5-6 pm.
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    Trip Report First time with all the kiddos!

    And more detailed: Sunday: We arrived midday and went straight to Magical Express. We were the first stop and it didn't take long. We checked in and went to Earl of Sandwich at Disney Springs for lunch. We let the kids make their own rice krispy treat at Goofy's and then let them spend their...
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    Trip Report First time with all the kiddos!

    We are back and it was awesome! And completely exhausting! We were there April 30-May 7 and split our stay between Wilderness Lodge and Caribbean Beach. We took our three kids ages 5, 3, and 18 months. My parents traveled with us and camped at Fort Wilderness. Here are the things that worked...
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    Guests at Pools

    @NormC I'm sorry, I did misinterpret your first response and just saw your other one now. Sadly, it seems like something someone would say or do in this thread. Honestly, though we really enjoyed our trip, the kid to adult ratio at Disney World was kind of surprising. My kids are normally...
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    $75 gift card offer now available on NEW bookings to CBR

    Curious--do you mean Geyser Point at Wilderness Lodge, because their pool bar was currently closed too. I do like the open air concept at Geyser Point--we really liked eating there. I don't understand why they needed to cut off the sidewalk of the loop around the lagoon for the Barbados...
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    Guests at Pools

    Seriously? You're rebuking a complete stranger over the internet on a message board? You sure showed me. I'm definitely going to plan our next vacation and future behavior around the rude statements of an internet stranger. If these are really the things that get you worked up in life, you...
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    $75 gift card offer now available on NEW bookings to CBR

    @Courtney6682, you might want to check on the status of the construction before you request a room. During our stay, the food court was still open, so being close to Caribbean Cay to walk across to the food court to fill up mugs and go to the pool was really nice. However, it did put us far from...
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    I know this has been talked about ad nauseam but...

    Caribbean Beach was crawling with cheerleaders the last few days.
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