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  • I wish I got a tax return big enough to pay off my trip! LOL Restaurants....well we loved Teppan Edo in Japan at Epcot, 50's Prime Time Cafe (not for the food really although it was good - more for the ambiance), Liberty Tree Tavern in MK is pretty yummy, Boma at AK, Garden Grill at Epcot plus it's a character meal that was pretty fun!, Crystal Palace for breakfast at MK, Tusker House is pretty good (we are going Yak & Yeti this year), and that's all I can really think of right now!!! LOL We are trying some great spots this year to include Biergarten for Thanksgiving (go figure) - Coral Reef, and Cinderella's Royal Table for Breakfast the day we leave....how about you?
    ha ha! I WISH i was getting the free dining! It doesn't cover my dates of course because I'm going thanksgiving week but it's ok. I'm still going LOL Last year we had the deal of the century - I got a PIN code about 3 months before I went last year - 7 nights lodging, 7 day base tickets for both of us AND the regular DDP for $1300! WOW - I snatched that baby up ! LOL This year it's about $100 more and that's without the DDP...only for room and tickets. I book it about 10 months out and then pay on it every month otherwise we wouldn't be able to go for our yearly and it's a MUST!! Thanks so much for the extra added praying and I sincerely hope you can swing a holiday trip some year. They are AWESOME and you and the kids would love it. Try what I do - book early and pay it down. It works! :)
    Hi again! Yes we drive. I usually get us there 7 hours max & w/1 stop. We have stayed at AS Sports 08', POP 09' (was NOT crazy about POP) & this year currently booked at AS Movies but I really want a room discount (or PIN) to get into POFQ - without it we have to go value since it's just me and Lindsay. Anyways, yep POFQ is our dream! That pool sounds pretty darn cool. She'd love it! Our yearly trip is the Saturday before Thanksgiving to the Saturday just after-.we do 7 day base tickets & 7 nights lodging .we have such a blast because it's like going for Christmas without it actually being Christmas! lol This year we are pretty psyched because we are eating at the Contemporary then going to the 15th floor observation deck to watch Wishes (My sister says they pipe in the music straight from the show!) Sounds gorgeous! Have you ever done that? Dinner at the Contemporary & then Wishes from the observation deck? We are doing California Grill there...
    Sounds like me! I drive my room mate crazy and my daughter even crazier!!!! LOL We are heading to the World the whole week of Thanksgiving - we usually go the week before and stay till the Saturday after Thanksgiving. It's our 3rd annual trip! Staying at All Star Movies unless a room discount comes out...then I'll move us to Port Orleans French Quarter because I've been dying to stay there! Thanks for the friend request also - I added you! Some time when you get a moment....let me know when you are heading south. I'd love to hear about where you stay and what types of things you look forward to doing....I try and find something different each year and that's not hard because there is SO much to see and do! LOL
    Hi Tomi-Rocket! I'm from Kennesaw also! Small World huh? Welcome to the boards...I get so much great info from these threads I hope you will come to enjoy and learn from them as much as I do....I also am a certified Disney Dork! LOL My daughter can attest to that as my colleagues at work...anyways, wanted to say welcome aboard! Lisa
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