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  1. Tomi-Rocket

    Disney Resorts: On the Verge of Ordinary

    I agree. You couldn’t pick out a Disney room from any other hotel now. It’s not from research, it’s from current execs who have no imagination and their only concern is the almighty dollar. I’m hoping Disney will someday have execs who actually love Disney and turn it back around to all the...
  2. Tomi-Rocket

    What is something you ALWAYS do in Magic Kingdom?

    That sounds relaxing and tasty. :)
  3. Tomi-Rocket

    Mom wants childless couples banned from WDW

    Can we all agree she was truly jealous of the childless people having fun with no cranky toddlers? 😆🤣
  4. Tomi-Rocket

    Adult but not Signature Dinning for dinner

    Unfortunately I have never seen ANY restaurant (signature or not) that doesn’t have a ton of kids. That being said here are a few nice places we like: Trattoria al Forno, Turf Club Bar & Grill, and The Wave.
  5. Tomi-Rocket

    Anyone ever book something because of hype and then cancel because you just don't care?

    I don’t understand “came to our senses” if you’ve never rode it...🤔
  6. Tomi-Rocket

    Does anyone NOT like Flight of Passage?

    Sorry...I LOVE IT. It’s tied with ToT as my favorite ride at WDW now. 😃
  7. Tomi-Rocket

    Trying to figure out my post trip state of mind

    I experience that every, single time I leave. Last week I went simply overnight and felt the same way.
  8. Tomi-Rocket

    1 Trip - 3 hotels. Am I crazy ?

    I’m just gonna say it - yes. Sorry.
  9. Tomi-Rocket

    What will happen when the Skyliner breaks down?

    All hell will break loose.
  10. Tomi-Rocket

    News Disney to offer discount on new MagicBand designs as an optional alternative to complimentary solid color MagicBands

    Saw them, didn’t care for most, except the Stitch ones. Looks like they're offering MB’s that haven’t sold well. I’d still take the free one as I can still decorate for less than their cost.
  11. Tomi-Rocket

    Ruin A Beloved Attraction!

    Air Supply Love Song Roller Coaster Expedition Mole Hill
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