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  • By the way, I'm getting WDW nostalgia again. When it gets warm here in Jersey, the smell of the air always reminds me of evenings in the Magic Kingdom. Not sure why, but it does. And now I want to go back, LOL.
    Hello and sorry for the delay! Just got back from my Ireland/UK trip last night and I'm a bit jet-lagged. And I can say it was the time of my life. Don't know if I'll ever be able to do this kind of trip again, but it was incredible. Luckily I journalled about the trip whilst I was there and took some 3,050-odd pictures.

    Glad to hear that you got some spare time to get away. Chattanooga sounds like it was very relaxing, and hopefully rejuvenating!

    Never eaten at 1900 Park Fare, but that does sound like a lot of fun. The menu looks delicious, too. Did you take off anything on your list in lieu of 1900 Park Fare?
    I just got back a little earlier and I just wanted to wish you and your family a very Happy Easter!!
    Be sure to try school bread or the MM ice cream bar when you go down this year! I wasn't too impressed by the turkey leg, but things like the Dole Whip or school bread are certainly delicious.

    Excellent EPCOT restaurant choies! I'm getting more and more envious. :D. Which one are you looking forward to most?

    Are you excited for the travelling on your part? Things haven't slowed down at all for me yet. Last night, I caught the flu which rendered me useless all day. I'm feeling a bit better now, but my temp is hovering around 102 and I'm definitely not well yet. I'm heading to the UK next week with some friends, so I'm pretty excited to leave the US for the first time.
    Sorry for the long delay. Things have been insane around my parts lately, and I've just got a moment to breathe (these kinds of things happen when you make too many commitments with not enough hours in the day!)

    I think the Beaste castle may be open by Thanksgiving at the rate they're going...if so...make those ressies the second they announce it! LOL

    The food we had at Nine Dragons was delicious. Appetizers, three entrees, and desserts and it was our cheapest meal, and perhaps tastiest. Very friendly service, too. Then again you can't go wrong with anywhere at EPCOT.

    I can't remember having asked, but have you tried School Bread yet?
    I am over it, thank you for asking! (Of course, allergies have replaced it...LOL!) We're supposed to be above 65 for the next ten days, which is great for my well-being but bad for my allergies. At any rate, hopefully your cough will go away soon.

    Good choice on switching out Nine Dragons for the Patisserie. We love 9D but the Patisserie is definitely a more cost-effective choice, and the food is just as delicious. Nothing like sitting down with a pastry or bread and watch the fountains or IllumiNations. I'm getting jealous just hearing about this!

    Are you excited to see the New Fantasyland? I'm starting to see some pictures come in and it's looking really nice!
    Hey! I'm not doing too bad and am very much glad to hear that your flu is almost gone. Currently I'm recovering from a week-long cold, but thankfully that is mostly gone, too.

    Hopefully those apps work out quite well for you! Have you heard that they may install property-wide wi-fi? That would be pretty cool, though I'm not sure what they could do with that.

    Do yourself and your friend live close by? Sorry to hear that there won't be free dining, but that should still be an incredible trip (one of which I am very jealous!). Thankfully with busy days, you can relax a bit because it will be very difficult to get on rides. What park are you going to do first?
    Sorry for the delay in response, how are you feeling now? Hopefully the flu has left your system and you're back up to 100%.

    Does the WDW app only work when you're in WDW? The app we had only worked inside the parks. Hopefully the wait times thing is accurate...I wish they had that when we went to the parks years ago, so we wouldn't have to crisscross the parks a bazillion times trying to find out how long waits were! :D
    We're keeping you in prayer...are you feeling any better now? Hopefully you've been resting this whole time and will be back up to normal soon. I guess it's that time of year, but thankfully flu is one of those things that once you get, you tend to not get it for a while. At any rate, I hope you are relaxing and your family is helping you along (we're praying that they don't get sick, too.)

    Hoping you feel better!
    You booger you!!! LOL I just got this and it's 7:10 pm. I figured something was up because you told me 2 days ago you'd see me tonight. Good meeting! 2.6 pds DOWN - woohoo! back on track and serious again. They had 60 people at WW last week!! holy cow! this week only about 1/2 that but it is Valentine's Day so that explains alot! Anyways missed you..have your present in my car you ________! LMAO!!! Oh well it will stay till next week - aren't you lucky???

    Get well soon household!! :) :) :)
    That sounds so fantastic! I bet you're getting more excited as the days pass. Just to think- you'll be at WDW in a little less than nine months! (And at a very nice hotel to boot!)

    What kind of food do you expect to find at the Beauty and the Beast restaurant? I'm totally dumbfounded as to what exactly one would find there...French food, maybe? Same goes for the quick services. Either way, it should be delicious!

    Hey, there's no harm in continuing to enter the contest, right? :D Something's bound to crop up eventually. ;)
    That sounds fine - we can figure it out when we get there...hell by 9 at night we maybe ready to pass out after all the traveling...then DHS and such LOL

    I don't look at reviews either! aCTUALLY eating there is the best way to find out about a restaurant so we can go for it wherever...it's fine! I'm really looking forward to the trip becuse we are going to have a blast!
    We could even walk over to Boatrights...at PORS...have you eaten there? I haven't but everyone says it's pretty good...OR we can take the boat at POFQ (or is it PORS) over to DTD and eat over there somewhere..whatever you'd like - YOU pick! lol
    WDW 2012 Buddy Trip - I like it!!! lol

    Saturday arrival day...DHS. Let's see..that is the day we are doing 50's for a late lunch right??? or mid-day lunch. We have Osborne Lights - those go at dusk..usually around 7pm or so....it has to be dark or they don't get them going..you can usually spend about an hour in awe soaking it all up which means..we could hit another resort around 9 or so..figure 30 min to an hour at Osborne Lights..then the longgg walk to the bus (lol) and about 20 to get to the resort...whatever resort. We can bus over to whatever resort you want...BUT if we go from DHS to say AoA...don't we have to take the bus BACK to one of the 4 parks to hop the bus to POFQ? I thought buses only went from park to resort...not resort to resort..am I wrong? Anyways...whatever you would like is fine with me - I'm easy...not cheap but easy LOL ha ha ha!
    Yes I agree! It was great to talk & plan & plan LOL - I love the planning. More fun with two peeps I've decided! We can do lunch whenever you want...I really do enjoy getting out and about :)

    If we have to move a day or two around, no biggie - we will work around it and overcome LOL

    OMG I heard around 10 tonight about Whitney Houston dying. SO tragic! She had an amazing voice that unfortunately belonged to a woman in so much pain she had to always drink and do drugs..just a shame. She was an amazing talent that I thought was on the verge of a comeback. I loved her new song! Amy Winehouse - same thing and same age I think. 48. AMAZING voice..just screwed up! Wish they gave up and coming stars guidebooks on how to deal and then they could become famous without destroying themselves.

    Went to the Disney store today..wink wink - you know what that means and OMG Lindsay's sneakers...I thought they were $50...maybe $60 tops...NOPE! $85 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wah wah wah! lol
    ACTUALLY I'll see you in about 45 minutes LOL OH grab a booth if you beat me there ha!
    ha ha! It's officially Saturday. You are fast asleep I'm sure. It's only 12:03 but I had to watch Spartacus and the news :) hitting the sack in a few minutes...I printed us each out 2 of everything so we have our own packets of info! LOL will see you at noon at O'Charleys :)
    OMG you are like Mickey on SPEED!!! LOL too funny! and i thought I was bad ha ha! Ok I have all the lists printed :) - rides/attractions per park so we can pick our MUST DO's! , crowd calendar for our week but it will go down as we get closer..trust me AND listing of menus per park - woohoo! this is going to be so much fun. Tell Lee THANK YOU for letting you join me...nothing worse than 2 major disney dorks planning for months ahead of time LMAO!!!
    Sounds like a quick trip for Lee! I don't envy him though..that is alot of emotion to pack into a few days :(

    YES I saw the changes and I'm quite amazed they didn't enforce it to begin with...It is all in the planning I always say - if you know you need to be back within a certain time frame, plan it so that you are there when you need to be! People can get irritated all they want but I got irritated knowing people had FP's outside their time frames and were still allowed to go in the FP line. Oh well it is what it is! LOL I always make sure I'm there before my end time for my FP. You get plenty of time so let them complain but you are right..these boards will be ringing ha ha!

    Saturday - already have the list of restaurants per park, I'll bring the list of anticipated best/worst park by day and what days are currently scheduled for the Xmas party. I'll also snack the rides/attractions list per park so we can figure out our must do's - yeah!!
    Ok cool Saturday at Noon! I'll bring my listing. I printed it off the Allears website. Each restaurant in each park and it lists CS, TS, or whatever.....once they release the hours for November, we can work on what park for what day, which night to do the MVMCP (I think it is 2 of the 4 nights you are there!! :) )....and iron out FOOD! lol

    I was golden tracking and weight wise till I got home today. Total meltdown. It happens..so back on tomorrow. Yippee!
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