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    How Many Days for You? Part 12

    2 days for us!! I REALLY need this vacation!
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    Looking for seasoned DVC owners advice

    I own at AK and while We love it there weve only stayed there one time. We love old key west and try to stay there as often as possible. The rooms are HUGE!! Olivias is possibly the most under rated food in WDW. The pool is fantastic. The Gurgling Suitcase is a great Bar with some of the...
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    How Many Days for you - Part 9

    128.......................................BUT I REALLY NEED A VACATION TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Best Resort for a young couple?

    Well if you enjoy the Nightlife aspect of Disney Id say French Quarter...the Water Taxi takes you Right Downtown and Runs until the wee hours of the morning. Youll also be in walking distance (from Downtown) to Saratoga Springs which has that Incredible Spa. Really nice to get a Massage on a...
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    Has anyone ever worked at WDW?

    Hopefully We will be in Good enough shape Financially that we dont need the Paycheck.Just really curios about how things work In The parks. Free Tickets seems like a Great deal to me and the knowledge that at ANY time I become unhappy by the work environment I can Give notice and go back to...
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    Has anyone ever worked at WDW?

    Im hoping to retire In 10 years ,Move to Orlando and Work in the parks..just for the fun of it. I know people say its not much fun but Id like to see for myself.
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    Try keeping This Straight....I Cant!

    LOVE that Idea! Thanks for the help!
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    Have you ever come across an Alligator on your Disney trip?

    NEVER and my son and I spend the entire Ride back and fourth to MCO with our noses pressed up against the glass looking!
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    The Mountains, appropriate for a 6 year old?

    I have two kids 11 years apart...My Daughter would ride ANYTHING as soon as she was tall enough. Shes was on the Hulk by the time she was 8 and loves that kinda thing. My Son Is 8 and get very nervous about things he not use to...we had to talk him into riding the Safari at AK and now he...
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    Try keeping This Straight....I Cant!

    Hey Everyone! You may need a flow chart to follow these plans..I sure do. We started making plans a Few weeks ago to do out annual trip to WDW. My clan is My Wife, 19 y/o DD , 8 y/o Ds and yours truly..Todd L We fly to Tampa on the 9th, Rent a Car, check into the Holiday Inn and spend...
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    HS or AK with 4 yr old twins?

    AK for sure! I find That wehn I spend a Day at HS We are usally done in 7 or 8 hours and are doubling back to REride a few things. Ak is tremendous... Ive been there 3 or 4 times and still havent seen everything!
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    Trip Report First Timer - Not Anymore!

    My Son and I discovered the Socerers of the Mk game on our last trip and we had SO much fun running all over the park playing the game. Love the Tr!!
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    ADRs and Waiting...

    I try to get to my Adrs 10-15 minutes early and check in as soon as I get there..Ive had a few waits but Nothing too Crazy. I HATED the Hollywood & Vine Buffet...NEVER going back there again. My Kids and my wife didnt like It either..Nobody ate anything. I know some people like the place But...
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    Saratoga Springs vs Old Key West - Advice & Opinions Wanted!

    Wow..I Never Knew That..We stayed in one of the buildings close to the Hospitality house . Heading back to OKW this summer...Hope we get another building with an Elevator!
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