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    I recently emailed and asked for a recipe from Prost, the kiosk in Germany during the holidays. I asked for the hot salted caramel beverage recipe. They apologized and said that the recipe could not be shared. I asked for it in Nov. or Dec., during the holidays when Prost was still open.
  2. Tinkerkell

    Buffet Question..

    Yes! At buffets, they work hard to keep tables clear because guests refill plates frequently. They will take your drink orders and do refills. I actually think the cast members at buffets work as hard as cast members at other restaurants and we give them a tip in the 20% range. Especially at...
  3. Tinkerkell

    Sun Protection in Parks

    My family uses a lot of sun screen. My dh has had various skin cancers, including melanoma twice. I have a sun allergy. Our dermatologist recommends Neutrogena or Aveeno SPF 55. She says that anything beyond SPF 55 doesn't work better. She is also a fan of lotions, which sink into the skin...
  4. Tinkerkell

    All That Jazz

    Elliot Dyson plays a variety of music and is very talented. He performs on select nights (usually Wed-Sun., I think) outside of Scat Cats at Port Orleans French Quarter.
  5. Tinkerkell

    Recommendations Please

    A mix is good, as recommended above. A character meal is a fun and unique-to-Disney experience so I'd try to hit one of those. Tusker House (lunch and breakfast) is my favorite. It's hard to recommend restaurants without knowing your tastes and cuisines you enjoy. Take the look at the menus...
  6. Tinkerkell


    I called in on March 6 (my ADR day) and got a 4:30 dinner for our Sept. trip. I gave her 2 possible dates for that meal, and the 4:30 dinner was the only time open so I grabbed it. We prefer to eat early, anyway. I wanted to make the ADR online, but the +10 feature wasn't working so I called...
  7. Tinkerkell

    Drowning in pop century hotel.

    I could be wrong as it's been a while since we've stayed at Pop, but I think that the Hippy Dippy pool is the only pool with life guards there. The computer pool and bowling pin pools are quiet pools, which I think are swim at your own risk.
  8. Tinkerkell

    Drowning in pop century hotel.

    If it's the Hippy Dippy pool, I think some areas are a little over 5 feet. If the teen wasn't that good of a swimmer or had a health issue happen while swimming (seizure, whatever) it wouldn't take long to be in trouble in 5' of water. As for the comments about the parents (I couldn't...
  9. Tinkerkell

    Once Was Enough.

    The turkey leg was a one time thing for me. It was too salty. It almost tasted more like ham than turkey. ???
  10. Tinkerkell

    Coronado Springs??

    www.portorleans.org We love Port Orleans, too! We consider POR/POFQ to be our "home" resort, though we did enjoy CSR.
  11. Tinkerkell

    Coronado Springs??

    We've stayed there twice. It's very nice--a moderate with a deluxe feel, I think. It is pretty spread out, so if that's an issue for you then you may want to look carefully at the map when you make a room request. The bus system is set up so you can hop on any park bus to get to El Centro and...
  12. Tinkerkell

    DIY Disney food at home

    Glad to hear you can make it in a regular cake pan! Do you bake it at the time and for the temperature stated in the recipe, or do you alter the baking time/temp if you use the pan?
  13. Tinkerkell

    DIY Disney food at home

    Here's a link with the recipe. http://www.disneyfoodblog.com/2012/11/13/disney-recipe-ooey-gooey-toffee-cake-at-liberty-tree-tavern/
  14. Tinkerkell

    DIY Disney food at home

    Can you make the Ooey Gooey Cake from LTT in a regular, rectangular cake pan? If so, do you adjust cooking time?
  15. Tinkerkell

    Magic bands

    TY! Glad to hear they are removable for sleeping and showering.
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