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  • You've probably seen the roof top projection booths for the Memorys Show - Here is the booth above the Christmas Shop. Those curtains really need some help.
    Tiki Room - March reopen I don't know the date yet.

    Checked out the El Pirata roof. It looks like a rubber under layment for roof tiles. Currently they are working on the connecting section to Pecos, I would bet the roofing contract has to be all at one time. Looks like heck now though.


    Fountain Status (plants still) and cool detail.
    I haven't been out to check on the roof. If it's just sealed in rubber membrane roofing there is still the chance for Spanish Tile. I hope they don't cheap out.
    Some painters were up in Caribbean Plaza today. Looks like some of the ugly turquoise is going away. Still no roofs.
    Looks like more turquoise on the upper floors. Less props on the balconies. Tile roofs. Holy cow the before picture looks better!
    Excellent! Glad to hear about the projectors.

    As for El Pirata..well I'm glad the place got some TLC but I'm disappointed the fountain (or lack thereof) didn't get any. Sigh. By the way, is it just me or does El Pirata look different than it did before?



    Looks like they got rid of the authentic paint and props and roofing tiles and replaced it with that?

    Re: Exhibition Hall Fountain- From my understanding, it has long since been dry but I wonder why just now they fill it in. And that's what irks me about these fountains- someone acknowledges them by filling them with plants, but no one bothers to fix them.
    Hey just found out the projectors over Cosmic Rays are going to be theme covered as soon as a night time show lighting fixture is moved/raised.

    The 4th bank of projectors is above the Christmas Shop in Liberty Sq. Look for the window without any cross pieces. A curtain opens and closes for the projectors.

    El Pirata Update: New kitchen everything looks fresh BUT no Love for the fountain.

    News (ish): The fountain next to Exhibition Hall has been filled with flowers - Another one bites the dust.
    Thanks for the info about that. I always thought the projectors would go in front of the castle where the normal lights are, but that's interesting they'd put them there.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family as well!
    That's great news, I've been busy lately but will check out El Pirata this week.

    On a different note the projector cabinets for the castle are in place atop Cosmic Rays, Main St East and West but I still have to scope out the west side location. At the moment the boxes are extremely big and ugly but theming could still be coming. My tech friends tell me the video gear has been added to Parade Central control center.

    Have a Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!
    I don't think it was the JIYI fountains, I think they have orange lights, but for some reason I remember the Skyway having rainbow ones. That was before I was exceedingly detail-attentive like I am now, so I may be wrong.

    I hope the fountains were working for you back then! I love how that area always seems like it's in perpetual twilight. Have you spent any time by the perimeter of the area, by the pathway to the restrooms next to the railroad track? That area has always left an impression on me, I don't know why.
    Might you be thinking of the fountains at Imagination that spray up hill? Those always had cool lights.

    That would be the fountain. I can't find a video of it at night, but I always thought it had lights, but my memory could be foggy.

    There was just a thread about this in General Discussion, but where's your favorite area of WDW? It doesn't have to be a ride, it could just be a part of the parks that you feel is "yours" and just defines WDW for you.
    Are you talking about this fountain/falls? I didn't know it had lights I thought it just had algae.

    Thanks for the photo info I'll have to try them out.

    High 5 on the Pecos Bill's Deluxe Cheeseburger! That is good. These are the special types of things people look forward to and ramp up the magic. Simple but well done.
    Before they tore down the top half of the Tomorrowland Skyway station, there was a small water feature coming from the top of the load structure to the bottom. At night,it would glow with rainbow LED's.

    I use alternate between Flickr and Photobucket. For short, quick uploads I use Photobucket, but lately it's been inconvenient. I use Flickr also, the only reason I don't use it more is because there are limits on what you can upload. Though I believe if you pay $20 you can have unlimited storage, which I think I'll do.

    That looks delicious! I have to agree that more bacon is better, though nothing comes close to a Pecos Bill's Deluxe Cheeseburger. Good to see more food options in Fantasyland! I heard there used to be a palce that offered something "home fries" that looked delicious.
    What did they do at the old Skyway station? I must have missed this? Disneyland has a mini fountain/light show at Tinkerbell's MnG which is quite cool.

    Monorail Spur - Next to World Drive/Wilderness Lodge intersection

    Pictures - Well today everything is working maybe there was some server upgrades, just weird the last few weeks. I should have clarified they only disappear in my posts not the album. Do you prefer Photobucket or Flickr?

    Found some new snackage at the Frier's Nook in Fantasyland - Fresh chips with cheese, ranch and bacon. Anything with bacon is good in my book.
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