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    From the OS: Gator drags child into Seven Seas Lagoon

    45 years and this happened once. If people listen to the signs it's not likely to happen again. Better close up Florida, people! It's one big risk.
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    No Foreigners Wanted ... at SDL?!

    It's not WDW news or rumors, hence why the mods moved it.
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    No Foreigners Wanted ... at SDL?!

    Right. Someone has never tried getting concert tickets from Ticketmaster the minute they go on sale.
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    Steven Tyler At RNR Today

    She's a famous model and probably just as recognizable as Liv at this point.
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    How Rough is Matterhorn?

    Rough enough that we only rode it once in Feb. And rough enough to crack the face on a watch.
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    Zootopia characters confirmed

    Congrats on bringing a dead conversation back. Nothing you said will change anyone's opinion. It's still creepy for adults in fursuits to rent out the theater for a children's movie. Move on.
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    Get 4 Walt Disney World Tickets Scam

    Yeah if you're dumb enough to fall for this scam it's best to avoid computers all together.
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    No outside food and drink in WDW parks?

    I save hundreds every trip by having a case of water shipped to my resort. Going on an expensive vacation doesn't mean I have to pay insane prices with zero thought. I'll save where I can. But feel free to pay more for no reason.
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    Zootopia characters confirmed

    I know and agree, it seems to be a hallmark of this fandom however. Creepy regardless when it involves children's material.
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    Zootopia characters confirmed

    Like you're ignoring the XXX reality and trying to make this sound like a normal fandom? Making XXX material based on children's characters Zootopia or otherwise is disturbing and says a lot about the "fandom" that doesn't completely distance itself from it.
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    No outside food and drink in WDW parks?

    Had no problems bringing in water bottles to DLR last month. As long as WDW follows suit I have no issue.
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    Zootopia characters confirmed

    The only one who implied something would happen is you. I just rightfully stated that it's creepy for full grown adults to rent out a theater for a children's movie so they can show up in fur suits and get their jollies. Something tells me most theaters won't even be willing to allow the...
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    DL - Photopass

    I hate that I can't just buy all the photos from my trip. The $39 a day thing is bonkers for anything doing more than a day trip. Leaving money on the table...
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