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  • Yeah that's pretty much the price of the whole escape package!! Aaacckkk. But I'm so totally in love with their style and photography is definitely the most important aspect of the day. Well, except for Brett. :)

    Yes, I'd say you're best to keep your mouth shut when it comes to Cameron. We don't want him thinking you're one of those crazy psycho chicks expecting him to up and marry you tomorrow. Let's get him to join you on a Disney trip first!!
    OMG! Kenzie... it's so crazy you sent this to me. I've been stalking the Root's blog for, like, a year. Seriously. They take the most amazing photos. And I was so ready to book them, but couldn't justify the price... $4,000 before purchasing any pictures/rights to the photos/etc. And that's for only, like 4-5 hours of coverage. I visit that blog EVERY SINGLE DAY. I'm not going to lie, it's more like 7-10 times a day just hoping they'll post something new. And as for weddinggawker - I'm holding you personally responsible for making me completely useless at work. Thanks, Love.
    obvi not, studying is so overrated. so funny how me and you communicate on like everything fbook/twitter/wdwmagic hahaha everyone else needs to get with it!
    Ohhh, duh! I guess I forgot you don't know my name. LOL! It's Leo. :lol: Too funny. So what's your name, Girlie? :D By the way, in case you were wondering my forum name is a reference to the Haunted Mansion. It's the name of the affect they use to create many of the ghosts. ;)
    So, I've been a Hawks fan for about 22 years or so... ever since I've started liking hockey, so it's great to finally see them win one. ;) As for the Habs, I honestly have no issues with them at all. I'm a really big hockey fan rather than just a Hawks fan. I have a couple of teams that I really hate, like the Wings and the Canucks, and maybe one or two others. I have a few teams I love like the Hawks and Flyers. The rest are in the middle. The Habs fit in that middle group. I'll watch any hockey game on TV though. :rolleyes: I just loved that game when Roy made his coach pay dearly for being stubborn. I was a big Roy fan. ;)

    By the way, that was awesome that the pilot was announcing the score updates. :ROFLOL: You must've been flying on Air Canada because I can't imagine any American pilots giving hockey updates. :p :cool:
    Oh, and rub in the Olympics will ya. :rolleyes: So not cool. :p Just kidding. I loved seeing USA and Canada go at it. I'm from Chicago so seeing Kane and Toews/Seabrook/Keith playing at such a high level warmed my heart. :D I was kidding though. People here know what hockey is, but most people in Chicago don't actually know any hockey players. Its always a great conversation piece though. :D
    The Habs, huh? A guy I currently play hockey with went to school with and is friends with Mike Cammalleri. I just found that out last year. :) I know you're way too young to remember this, but my favorite Montreal hockey moment is the last game that Patrick Roy played for the Habs. He gave up 9 to the HATED Wings. When he finally got pulled by Tremblay, he went into the stands and told the team president that it was the last game he would play for Montreal. That's got to be the best "I QUIT!" story in the history of history. :p I mean, the coach is a jerk and leaves Roy in there to get absolutely toasted by the Wings, and in the process he loses the best goaltender of all time. Ahhh, sweet revenge. LOL!

    You're boyfriend and g'parents are Toronto fans, huh? Stinks for them considering how bad the team is these days. I'm just happy to have the Hawks win one finally. ;)
    By the way, sorry if it seemed strange to leave a visitor message when you didn't know who I was. I just got a good laugh at some of your pics, especially the sad one on the bus. :lol: I had to comment.

    Then I noticed that you're from Canada, and I'm a huge NHL fan and I play hockey on two teams. I love it when people ask "you play ICE hockey?".... as if there's another kind???? :eek: :p Not too many hockey players in the states I guess, so people are surprised when they meet one. Doesn't seem unusual to me, but people don't understand how I play hockey year 'round. Then I have to explain that they actually make these places called ice rinks that are totally enclosed, so they can keep ice frozen year 'round! It's amazing what they can do with technology these days, ain't it? :rolleyes:

    Didn't know notice what part of Canada you're from.... you a Sens fan? Oilers? Leafs? Flames? Just don't tell me Canucks.... *ugh*... I'm from Chicago, so nuff said. :D
    I just saw a post of yours and looked at your profile and thought I'd say "hi".

    So while I was here I looked at a couple of your pictures, and there are a lot of great shots, but the "Last bus ride" one gave me a chuckle. I know that feeling, and I hate it. One thing I hate about visiting WDW is knowing on Day 1, there are only 6 days left. :( Then Day 2, only 5 DAYS LEFT. :eek: :cry: :ROFLOL:

    By the way, being from Canada, do you like hockey? I know not everyone up there does, but just curious. :) Have a great weekend.

    You two will be SO cute together! I cannot wait to be a bridesmaid...I'm honored. :)

    Will the wedding take place in Disney World?
    I actually am a VERY accepting person. :lookaroun

    It's all good here. I just need to type several pages so that I can be criticized or praised by my teacher on it, and that's my biggest thing for this upcoming week.

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