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    Would you rather do half day at Epcot or Hollywood Studio with a 5 year old?

    HS. It's much more kid friendly than Epcot IMHO. Our daughter (4) loved HS but hated Epcot.
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    Line Jumpers/Line Stallers

    This is not just a Disney thing, unfortunately. Happens everywhere.
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    Pack N Play strategies

    It won't fit. I also think sleeping in a bathroom is not very sanitary. Moreover, I hope you guys realize that your room might be really, really far away from the lobby to use these bathrooms instead! AKL is huge!
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    Is stuffy from doc mcstuffins a tribute to figment?

    They don't look like horns to me, but even if they are... not the same shape. ;) I do respect your opinion too. It's just not obvious to me.
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    Is stuffy from doc mcstuffins a tribute to figment?

    I know what both look like, and I'm sorry, I really don't see it. They're both dragons with little wings, but that's it. Not the same color, and Figment even has little horns. The voices... not that much either. Really sorry!
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    Is stuffy from doc mcstuffins a tribute to figment?

    I don't really see it, to be honest... But who knows?
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    Live Action Mulan in the Works

    Hopefully the live action will give a more accurate version of Mulan's life.
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    Anna & Elsa Joining Akershus Rumor

    Technically, it would make sense, since they are more Norwegian than any of the princesses currently meeting there... ;) I have heard this rumor too, a few weeks ago (can't remember where, though).
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    Which Disney attraction would make a good movie?

    What do you have in mind? The movies exist, so are you thinking animated movie?
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    Is entitlement becoming an issue?

    IMHO it's because their head has gotten big and they want to look important. It's not just getting fun experiences for the kid/ family anymore, it's more about feeling like you made it big.
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    Adult's interactions with characters

    My four year old would tell you: "maaaaaagic" ;)
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    Adult's interactions with characters

    You can ask questions about something that happens in their movie, about the other characters, or even about what's next for them- for instance I asked queen Elsa if she was planning on finding a prince to marry, and when she said she didn't have time, I tried to "sell" her my brother, lol. I...
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    What's the most surprising thing you've seen at Disney

    Last week in Epcot I saw a young woman (caucasian) walking around future world dressed like a Japanese or Chinese lady, from head to toes. And I thought wearing costumes was not allowed?
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    What are the best character experiences?

    As others have said, it really depends on who you want to meet! I think a mix of meals and M&G is perfect. As far as meals are concerned, we did lunch at CRT (Cinderella, Snow White, Aurora, Ariel, Jasmine) and Tusker House (Donald, Daisy, Mickey, Goofy), dinner at 1900 Park Fare (Cinderella...
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