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  1. Shouldigo12

    Why dislike for Iger?

    Is Disney travel the phone number they have listed on their website? Because I think we had to have called different numbers haha. I had the worst time on their customer service line. By far, the only real negative of the trip.
  2. Shouldigo12

    Share some of your travel stories!

    Oh, cool! I'll be sure to give this a look.
  3. Shouldigo12

    Share some of your travel stories!

    I won't tell if you don't. ;)
  4. Shouldigo12

    Share some of your travel stories!

    I'm not looking for trip reports, just things that may have happened while traveling.
  5. Shouldigo12

    Share some of your travel stories!

    For sone reason, I just really love reading travel stories. I have no idea why, but they just fascinate me. I know there's been at least thread like this on here, but I'm having trouble finding it using the search engine so I thought I would make another one. I figured that at least some newer...
  6. Shouldigo12

    2020 Hotel Choice

    How old are your two kids (sorry if this was already mentioned)? I see alot of people bringing up walking distance as a possible plus if resorts, but depending on how old your kids are they may not feel like making that walk. Depending on their pace, you may also have to add on to how long...
  7. Shouldigo12

    FP+ and DAH Villains selection time?

    Fastpasses open 7 am Eastern Time. I can't fibd any information about how to book the Villain event, just the day tickets go on sale. I would assume you could do it on the website, but have your phone handy just in case.
  8. Shouldigo12

    Is there a "typical or average" WDW visitor/family?

    I never thought me and my brother looked much alike until we did one of those face swapping filters. We didn't think it had worked at first because you could hardly tell the difference.
  9. Shouldigo12

    Why dislike for Iger?

    And it's fine you think that. My point though was "I don't like these movies" isn't good reasoning for why Iger is a bad CEO. You may not like them, but 1. Most people did and 2. They earned a lot of money. Critically and commercially, the movies Disney has been making have been successful for...
  10. Shouldigo12

    Why dislike for Iger?

    See, this is what I was talking about. Incredibles 2 Imdb: 7.7/10 Rotten Tomatoes: 94% Metacritic: 8-% Ralph 2 Box office: 1.243 billion IMDB: 71./10 RT: 88% Metacritc: 71% Box office- 528.3 million Cinderella IMDB:6.9/10 rt: 84% Box office: 543.5 million Roger Ebert: 3/4 Beauty and The Beast...
  11. Shouldigo12

    Why dislike for Iger?

    So I see people on here mention the "dilution", "cheapening", or just general decline of the Disney brand on here a lot and I'm not sure where you're getting that from. I know that a lot of people on here have had their personal opinion of the company lowered, but it still has a pretty great...
  12. Shouldigo12

    Why dislike for Iger?

    So I see you've thought about this before.
  13. Shouldigo12

    Do you think we could see 1 day ticket prices at $200 bucks before long?

    Like Trackmaster said, this be a really bad idea for a park already struggling with crowding issues.
  14. Shouldigo12

    Can someone break down QSDP for me please

    You can actually use a QS credit to get a snack, but it has to be three snacks in one transaction. You can't use the credit for something like one coffee, for example. It would have to be three coffees, or three coffees and a cupcake (or any other combination of snacks on the meal plan)
  15. Shouldigo12

    Convince me to change hotels...

    I'm glad you found that works for you!
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