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  1. Shouldigo12

    Extreme Heat or Extreme Cold?

    Heat. It doesn't matter how many layers I wear in Winter, some part of me is always cold. Plus the cold can get dangerous very quickly, both from the temperature and things like icy roads. With heat I can just splash sone cold water on my face or make use of one of my holding fans and I'm solid.
  2. Shouldigo12

    OK, I'll Admit it...Disney Prices Are Out Of Control

    The prices are the major issue for me, as well. In all other areas I'm more than willing to save up for it, but the crowds are too unpredictable for me right now. I can justify the cost of going and having a great time, but I cant justify going and dealing with a swamped park. Hopefully they can...
  3. Shouldigo12

    OK, what could Disney do in the parks that you would actually like?

    Well I was joking around, but I really do think those things are freaky looking. They don't look whimsical or goofy at all to me.
  4. Shouldigo12

    OK, what could Disney do in the parks that you would actually like?

    I haven't seen the attraction that the Country Bears are involved in, but I have seen the costume they have for the bears (the ones they have cast members wear for photos and the like) I just have to say, whatever happens to that attraction, I pray to everything that is holy they change those...
  5. Shouldigo12

    5th gate question?

    I believe some people who are much smarter regarding these things then I am made a thread awhile back trying to decide if it was possible. IIRC, the decision was basically that it was possible but that it would be tight and not exactly easy. If it gets to the point that they need another gate...
  6. Shouldigo12

    Help selecting dates for trip

    Congratulations on the adoption! :D I agree, go with the 3-9.
  7. Shouldigo12

    How many are priced out?

    I'm a college student. I'm priced out of everything.
  8. Shouldigo12

    Would could Disney World REALISTICALLY do with the resort that you would like?

    Yeah, I'm not sure how much of a dent it would actually make, especially since not every guest sleeps onsite. There are more than just the pools though- I remember when I was looking at the different resorts I woukd see things for activities like boating or I think even horseback riding. I...
  9. Shouldigo12

    Would could Disney World REALISTICALLY do with the resort that you would like?

    How many people spend days/half days at the resorts, I wonder? Encouraging people to spend time at the resorts is the only thing I can think of that would take some people out of the parks while still keeping them on Disney property. At least in the case of on-site guests.
  10. Shouldigo12

    OK, what could Disney do in the parks that you would actually like?

    There's a difference between looking at land with nothing built on it yet and looking at land with four parks, 24 hotels, and a downtown shopping area though.
  11. Shouldigo12

    How much $ is to much $ to charge for stuff.

    I'm a self admitted miser; I don't like spending much on things for myself (and yes, I realize how silly that sounds when posting on a Disney forum). So I'm probably biased when i say that I agree, Disney souvenir pricea are way too high. Most of it is pretty generic items that I felt I could...
  12. Shouldigo12

    Are we too entitled as hardcore WDW Park Guests?

    As far as the safari goes- I couldn't tell you anything about my driver when I rode it. How much they talked, what they said, shoot, I'm not even sure if they were a man or a woman. What I do remember is seeing baby giraffes, who look as ridiculous as I though they would, a baby hippo peak its...
  13. Shouldigo12

    Pining for the days of Eisner

    Yep. EuroDisney (which even had a bad name, considering the French use the euro as currency, making the name the equivalent of Dollar Disney) had a lot of issues, and Eisner definitely played a large role in that. Weren't they at one point even considering shutting it down? I can't remember if...
  14. Shouldigo12

    Pining for the days of Eisner

    I don't think California Adventure and EuroDisney's...issues...can really be blamed on risks. It was just bad decision making. Who bans wine in a French theme park?
  15. Shouldigo12

    There are Single Rider lines....what about Single Diner?

    You get a $25 credit during your birthday month, too? Does that stack with the first visit credit or would you have to use it separately?
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