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    Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow Documentary

    This documentary deserves a lot more attention. I found this video last night and found it absolutely fascinating. There was an interesting commentary wherein if Walt knew he was dying, he would have affected a more deliberate transition of his responsibilities to his creative team. It's fun to...
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    Should we do it? Show me your photos of Black Friday at Epcot!

    My personal experience is that it seems remarkably like any other day of that week. We did candlelight processional via the dining package which would be a good strategy if you don't want to wait in line. i didn't find it challenging to do Soarin and test track both, but frozen wasn't a ride...
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    Sharing Breakfast at BOG?

    I've never had trouble with eating this way at BoG for lunch. In fact, sometimes we'd order more kids meals than we have kids because I liked the kids entree more than the adult entrees. They've never said a word about that (to be clear, we were paying cash not using DDP credits).
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    Should we do it? Show me your photos of Black Friday at Epcot!

    Honestly I've never noted that Black Friday was particularly different at the parks vs other days of that week. We've been doing thanksgiving week at WDW for a while now and if you're debating going to the parks, just go. Now Christmas day at Magic Kingdom on the other hand, nothing will ever...
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    Entry scanners at Magic Kingdom all down

    Aaaaaand it's back. That was a tense 15 minutes
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    Entry scanners at Magic Kingdom all down

    The entry scanners at the magic kingdom are all down and nobody is able to enter the park. I can't imagine this is due to capacity. Has this ever happened before? There's a pretty impressive queue of people waiting to get in now.
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    Fastpass + Help

    Agreed! The parks empty when rains come. Another tip: even with ponchos, your feet will probably get wet. Either wear/bring flip flops or bring some dry socks so you don't have soggy feet. Finally, just because it's raining in one park doesn't mean it's raining elsewhere, don't just give up...
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    which one?

    Opinions will vary, but we've really enjoyed the Poly. The theming is fantastic and you can get dole whips all the time from pineapple lanai which is nice. Where Poly is really nice is it's transportation options. It's not only on the MK monorail, you can also walk directly to TTC and get on...
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    Epcot Character Spot FP+

    Baymax and Mickey/Minnie/Goofy are on different sides of the breezeway in terms of meeting location. Last time we were there (a week back), I don't recall there being an FP+ line for the Baymax side. That said, the wait was really quite short, maybe 10 or 15 minutes. It's nothing like trying to...
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    What are the pros and cons of an AP

    Personally, we made the same decision to skip TiW this year. We simply don't do enough TiW-covered meals at WDW to make it worthwhile. I know people who like at least one sit-down meal a day, for which DDP is probably the way to go (provided you are likely to order the most expensive thing on...
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    What are the pros and cons of an AP

    In addition to an AP costing less than a 10-day plus 4-day park ticket, if you do the same thing next year, renewing an AP is less than buying a new one which is even greater savings for next year. Basically, the math works out such that if you do two trips (or one trip longer than 10 days), you...
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    Is something happening to TSM on 3/15?

    I just got notice that our booked FP (like 4pm) was cancelled due to a change in the operating schedule. Is there a scheduled refurb that I don't know about? Seem strange to shut down a ride at 4pm considering DHS is still open, also seems a little early to be closing for fireworks no?
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    Skipper Canteen, what's the wait like to get a table?

    Since Skipper Canteen is walk-up only, I'm wondering what the wait is like to get a table? I remember before BoG took lunch reservations, you'd see people lining up right after 10am to get in for lunch. Is the skipper canteen similarly busy?
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    Skipper Canteen in January?

    Rumor has it that cast members will be invited to a preview (not open to the public) on Dec 6 with the expectation that it would at least soft-open shortly thereafter. At least, according to
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    Obscure photo id contest

    correct try a really harder one
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