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    How safe is Space Mountain?

    You're right! I did get confused because they have a park in Texas and that's where the company originated.
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    How safe is Space Mountain?

    Exactly. The park skirted regulations and was regularly warned about incidents. That was awful and didn't have to happen. The stats show most of us will be safe so it's up to the person to take the risk.
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    How safe is Space Mountain?

    A kid got decapitated on a water ride in Kansas. They thought that was safe too. I say use your sense and if it feels wrong, listen to your gut. People do die on rides. Nothing is 100 percent safe. It's built by humans! And we're not perfect ourselves.
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    How safe is Space Mountain?

    I didn't feel safe during our ride this past trip. My seat restraint actually popped up before taking off and even when I secured it, I was afraid it was going to open. It was very fast and when it would turn or dip, I was sure I would fly out. Never again.
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    News Passholder Benefits Shifting

    Yeah. I didn't want to inflame feelings about Epcot, so I usually don't say anything about my experience there recently. My oldest son loved it. He enjoyed the rides and attractions before you get to the World section. My opinion? Nice, but is this a mall? I hated the frozen ride, liked the...
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    Clean cheap hotel for one night stay

    I will let you guys know how it went! Thanks!
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    Clean cheap hotel for one night stay

    We have 6 nights reserved in September. I'm glad I saw your review.
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    News Disney World now offers character-inspired makeovers for all ages

    Hear that? That's the sound of Disney siphoning more money from my pockets. Sign me up! Being serious, this sounds cool but I'm getting sad with so many upcharges. Soon park entrance won't even buy rides and attractions. We'll be paying over $100 to get in and then buying books of rides, like...
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    The Chit Chat Chit Chat Thread

    Well a company just banned goats and insects as service animals. I thought ponies were a lot but insects and goats? A guy's pit attached a woman on the subway. He claimed service animal too.
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    Injury Advice Needed

    Can you recommend anyone besides the big lawyers? Thanks!
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    Injury Advice Needed

    I stepped down and the last step of the bus was so high up from the ground, my foot rolled under me when I stepped down. I wasn't expecting that! Usually busses lower a little or let off at a curb. I was watching my step but that last step was too high off the ground and the bus was leaning at...
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    First time going with five kids

    I'm so excited for you all! Especially the munchins going for their first time. We used Magic Strollers and couldn't be happier. The rental was clean, easy to use once we figured out opening it up lol and inexpensive. I think it was 80ish for 5 days? We were there earlier this month. Planning...
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    Injury Advice Needed

    Good luck. I injured my foot stepping off the Disney World bus to the Magic Kingdom. I don't exist to Disney after contacting them about it, and I decided to contact a lawyer. I'm in constant pain and can't use my foot well anymore.
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    News WDW Resorts to add fees for parking

    We're here now and I'm looking at the dvc. Can't really afford it but seeing it pushed at all the parks gets to you. This is what I needed to read. Thanks.
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